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For those born in the last century it was Real Madrid or Barcelona. For some, maybe Manchester United. Newcomers to the planet seem to know a new king: Manchester City, in which a 22-year-old giant named Erling Haaland plays.

It seems to have come out of nowhere, but all the investment made in the team that Pep Guardiola is in charge of has a well-known origin that speaks to the direction in which humanity is headed. We go with that.

Before, it must be said that Viking Haaland’s body is 1.94 meters tall and he breaks records every month, with the help of the legs he uses like a baseball bat.

His team has yet to get past more than three other players, including Real Madrid, who will face Haaland on Tuesday. If he goes out, this little British team will be champions of the Champions League.

Curiously, their footballers answer not to English chiefs, but to those who were born speaking Arabic. This is known to those who follow the team, and what they may not know is seeing who pays the salaries of footballers.

Who rules in Manchester City?

Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan is a man in his fifties who appears to be in his thirties.

He also heads Mubadala, a company that has dealt with Pemex for at least the past decade and holds investment money from the most powerful family in the UAE, a country with a population four times the income of its residents. Mexico.

Mubadala claims that its business is worth $284 billion (for example, about 28 new refineries). The Abu Dhabi-based company invests in technology, aerospace, renewable energy and healthcare.

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It seems that Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s motto is to speed up the arrival of new ways to enter his people.

The reason is clear: global demand for the oil that gave them prosperity was stagnant before and after the pandemic, it seems to have peaked at 100 million barrels per day again, your country produces four and a half (Mexico, two). A product for which demand is not growing is always a challenge.

What throws the owner of Manchester City in the face?

In collaboration with Bloomberg, Mubadala recently launched a document outlining the paths it is taking in its search for entrepreneurs with whom it wants to partner.

“There are five trends of our time that influence the way we live and work,” he spread with it. “Understanding mega-trends can remove our fear of the future,” he explains after learning the result of this survey of 1,800 people. individuals of all ages. climate change; inequality; Demographic leaps and urbanization are the five themes that catch your eye right now. Of these, perhaps the least attended are the last two. What businesses will emerge from aging populations and declining human births to make up the bill?

What will others be born when people finally leave the small towns and countryside altogether and live all together in a city? How are they going to use all that abandoned land?

Con Nova is investing in a new type of plastic in Canada; With another company called Enviva, it produces biomass; At Embark, we are committed to generating fleets of driverless trucks. It has dozens of companies.

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I mean, in case you were worried where Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan would pay Haaland. By the way, you have just been appointed vice president of your country. To the United Arab Emirates, of course.

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