Because of the open neckline and tight jeans, they did not allow the student’s mother to enter the school | Chronicle

A special case occurred in a school in the Colombian city of Barranquilla, where a woman could not enter the institution with her son, because the authorities themselves considered this Her open neckline wasn’t the right outfit for the place.

The event, which took place a few days ago, had the role of the protagonist Christian Cavids, who attended the school (Institución Educativa Técnico Industrial) where his son studied and did not allow his wife to pass (Isabel Castro) By the way they are wearing. The father considered that the point made by the head of the Parents Association about the clothes was “unusual” that prevented the student’s mother from entering the school.

“I approach my wife and tell her that she cannot enter the establishment wearing a costume like that shown in the video. So we are like ‘How is that?!’ He tells us that in the coexistence guide it indicates the dress code, but we review the manual and it doesn’t say anything”, Christian explained to local media “the time”. The young man’s mother was wearing normal clothes: A Short white T-shirt and skinny jeans On the hips and legs.

The controversy began after Christian uploaded the situation that had arisen in the institution on social networks. The 31-year-old from Bogotá confirmed that they went with other parents to review the biosecurity protocols applied in the fight against the virus. COVID-19 In the attempt, they were intercepted because of Castro’s wife’s clothes. It should be noted that the son is in the ninth grade and started studying himself.

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Cavids continued to explain by commenting that his wife works on social networks and before going to school he went to shoot a video he needed for him. “The clothes she was wearing as well as the make-up.” “I think the makeup had an effect on the lady and her vision, but in reality nothing happened.”

Before he got too old, with the permission and help of the Campus Coordinator, they were able to get to the institution despite the problems raised by the Parents’ Association about Isabel Castro’s clothes, “Or do I start thinking about all these ladies who are going through that kind of thing, right now, say, in Afghanistan, and I say ‘This lady, how do you intend for us to go next? “, Christian concluded.

Special defection of the Colombian (video shooting).

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