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in the United States and Canada, Better Business Office ( BBBfor its acronym in English) 286910 Scam Reports Since February 13, 2015, indicating that there are many people searching for it Stealing your money based on deception.

in county Loudon, Virginia.cases have been revealed of people receiving calls where they were falsely warned of penalties for not appearing as jurors, despite the fact that they did not receive official notifications.

One such case was actually reported on BBB Tracker, dated May 15 and occurred in San Diego, where someone said he received a phone call from an alleged lieutenant who threatened him with an arrest warrant, unless he paid a court-issued fee.

How to use the BBB tool to track scams?

The Online BBB Tool It allows you to search for specific cases of scams that may be similar to one of your interests, as well as report them to help others not become victims.

You can search by keyword, phishing type, country (only available in the US and Canada), and date range.

By clicking on “Search”, a list of the report appears, including the zip code and the description of the event.

To report a scam, all you have to do is fill out a form with the information the scammer gave you, if any, the reason for calling and the type of scam, as well as a description and photo, if any.

After that, some of your information will be requested, although it will not appear in public searches.

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