Battlefield 6’s first images have been filtered

In recent weeks, news about the new installment of the Battlefield franchise has never ceased to appear on the international stage today. Insiders leaks, Which now provides a lot of details about what we can expect from this new batch, we must also add the official information that EA shares, such as Deposit date Battlefield 6.

Now, a new leak has occurred, although unlike on previous occasions, the information is not the protagonist. On this occasion, the filtered content on the network was not more or less than First images of Battlefield 6This allows us to take a first look at some very interesting aspects, as well as confirm other rumors.

These will be the first images of Battlefield 6

Via Imgur, A user has shared a First images of Battlefield 6, Which appears to be taken from the trailer for the video game. Apparently, these images will actually confirm one of the first rumors that have surfaced around the title, which is that this new version will have the Battlefield name to dry, without any numbering behind it.

According to EA, people will be in awe of the Battlefield 2021 trailer

Another aspect that was confirmed with First images of Battlefield 6 It’s the franchise’s return to modern warfare. As we can see in the various pictures, we find from the nuclear missiles? For quad drones, so it seems more than certain that Battlefield 6 will happen in the modern era.

After this leak, it remains to be seen whether Electronic Arts will maintain its plans for the disclosure Battlefield 6 During June, or on the contrary, they introduced the game offer a few days to prevent the content from ending up on the networks before it was officially shared. Whatever the case, SomosXbox will keep you informed.

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