Batman: Arkham Knight looks more impressive than ever at 8K and ray tracing thanks to mods

Probably not the best game optimized to start with. PCbut over time Batman: Arkham Knight It became one of the favorite titles of Moderates; The community loves to tinker with the latest version of long story Batman with what rock solid put an end to Italian Serie A ArkhamAnd proof of that is the wonderful video that we present to you today: a modified version of this game so that it works 8K resolution and with ray tracing Enabled.

It’s work Youtube AD Massicurowho also used this video Shader Dedicated with the intent to get Realistic reflections and global lighting effect. For this, among other things, it has benefited from RT Shader by Pascal Gelcher. In the video of this impressive version of Batman: Arkham Knight We can also observe volumetric fog, color adjustment, depth of field and camera adjustment. All displayed in real time in 8K and 60 frames per second Thanks to the power of the GPU NVIDIA RTX 3090 TI.

The best way to play epic coronation glory Arkham

Thanks to all these modifications we can see it Batman: Arkham Knight With more impressive graphics than its original version already. seemedA game that does not pass the yearsthe final delivery that you always want to come back to because, as we said in Our analysis“The final touch to what was probably the most important superhero-based video game epic of all time, providing us with Good gameplay, a lot of content, a story that only the best knowInteresting story, and full respect for the Dark Knight and the entire universe around him.”

Batman: Arkham Knight It is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If this video has encouraged you to return to the streets of Gotham City, we advise you to have it handy our guide.

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