Basque heritage in the United States

Matteo, Echinek, Milan, Goiquitexia, Garcia – with sculpture – and Asensio and Laghi.

the citizens

The ship “Victoria” and the exhibition in the Basilica of San Pedro offer us a journey through the landscape of our history

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The exhibition “The Spanish Legacy in the United States of America” ​​opened on the fifth of the steamer “Victoria” and later in the Church of San Pedro in Donostia Harbor. It is a project resulting from a collaboration between The Legacy and the Department of Defense. The exhibition includes some of the highlights and unknowns of its mission and goals, highlighting the contribution of the Basque Country to this legacy.

Hispanic sarcasm was present in the Mediterranean, especially with the Basques, Galicians, and Andalusians. Ignacio de Olavarria, Gipuzkoan and adventurer, is the protagonist on the exhibit in the San Pedro church, along with General Manuel Montiano y Sopelana, Gipuzkoan’s companion in arms. Also on display are postcards from the Compañía Guipuzcoana de Caracas, Diputación de Gipuzkoa, and the American frigate “Galga” of Pedro Garaicoechea.

The President of The Legacy intervened in the act
Eve Garcia; Commander of the Navy in San Sebastian
Frances Xavier Mathieu Agent for Culture and Sports
Harkaites Milan. Also the sculptor Gipuzkoan
Victor Goikoetxeacreator of the statue of General Manuel de Montiano y Sopilana, who provided details of the work.

Among the guests:
Margaret GarciaHead of Publications Department for the Sustainable Development Goals;
William Echnika sub-delegate of the government;
Jose Antonio ChineDeputy Colonel of Defense of San Sebastian;
Inigo Ishurithe chief commissioner of Gipuzkoa;
Jose Ignacio AsensioDeputy for the Environment of Gipuzkoa County Council;
Louis SuilvesColonel and military commander of Djibouthkoa;
Francis Xavier MaderoColonel, head of the Brotherhood of Veterans of the Armed Forces;
Francisco Jose Anguerahead of citizen protection;
Maria. MorenoDirector of Martutin Prison.
Eva SironCourt Judge No. 8;
Jose Luis Gonzalez OrtiagaColonel of the Civil Guard in Gibuzcoa;
Ester Irigaraygeneral manager of the aquarium;
Beau AguirrePresident of the San Sebastian Naval Club and his wife
Anna Oriz with the vowel
Yitzar Almagro and the manager
Martha Lizaraga s
blonde susanna, director of the Parador de Hondarribia. Also attended:
Christina LageSan Sebastian Tourism Consultant;
Olga Barrow partner sculptor Victor Goikoetxea;
Luis Maria VillanuevaDeputy Delegate of the Royal Spanish Naval Association.
Amador Sanchezpresident of the League Militia Veterans Association;
Idoia OrtubiaDonostia port manager.
Maria Jesus EjidoAnd the
Begona PalosAnd the
Mary Elizabeth MichaelAnd the
Milagros Prietos
Aitor Salaviria government authorization;
John Lewis GonzalezDefense delegate in Asturias.
Martial Fernandez; Colonel
Miguel Angel Chamorro;
Theresa Cuenca;
Anna Maria Arias;
Jose Andres s
ElenaGeneral Secretary of The Legacy;
Ricardo Azki from Bombas Azcue;
Santiago Bolivar (the legacy);
Marigos TelleriaDirector of Culture for Gipuzkoa County Council;
Angel Garcia Rondaa former Basque government advisor, writer and wife
Carmen Urcula. Complete the set
Patrick Fernandezfrom Legacy Ferry;
Christinapartner at The Legacy Navantia;
Louis the Warriora partner in The Legacy Bureau Veritas;
Manuel Ruizpartner of The Legacy Ucalsa and
Carmen Laramendea member of the Legacy Larramendi Foundation.

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In 8 days, 5029 people visited the ship “Victoria” and 1200 people visited the exhibition in the Church of San Pedro.

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