Barlon Sequeira: In some moments I was in debt

Barlon Sequeira’s playing style greatly pleases national team coach Luis Fernando Suarez.

It seems that among the young people who are in a mini session this week with tricolor, is one of the players most likely to stay in this month’s knockout matches, against Canada (November 12) and Honduras (four days later).

In fact, the extremist confirmed on Tuesday that he has a Canadian visa, which increases his chances of forming the national delegation that will face this game in the territory of North America.

“We are a lot of young players who want the opportunity to take part in the matches against Canada and Honduras and take this very seriously. We know that if the teacher calls us it is because he has seen good things for us and to show him that we can be there for these games.” Radio Colombia And bodice.

The Athenian said Suarez told them that if they were called, it was because he knew they could give him something and that they would take this week as seriously as anyone could be called up to take part in the Games.

“And that above all we enjoy this, because being in the national team is the most beautiful thing for a player. It is the dream of every Costa Rican player to play a draw and play the World Cup and now that the opportunity is so close, we want to show the teacher that we have the talent and character to be over there “.

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Barlon Sequeira returns to the national team after overcoming some injuries and is very excited.

“It is the greatest pride one can have as a player. It was difficult, because I was on the first call-up to the qualifying matches, but because of the injury I was not able to participate and now the teacher gives me the chance again, and then I show him that I can be there, that I can regain confidence. that he has in me.” He said.

He was also able to handle criticism. In fact, he himself knows that he can give more and ensures that he is committed to this.

“Sometimes the frustration is because of not getting results, because the team is not doing well and maybe sometimes you are because of that. As a player, you don’t have good seasons, good games, but with the help of colleagues who advise you to always work and know that some good things are coming” , He said.

Aaron Salazar: “If we’re here it’s because we have the qualities and the quality too”

Like Barlon Sequeira, defender Aaron Salazar is another young footballer who yearns to stay in the national team.

“It’s a beautiful responsibility, if we are here because we also have the qualities and the quality and it is important to show the teacher that we are not only here, but we can compete with those who are already there,” said the central defender who can also play as a side.

Unlike Sequera, he does not have a Canadian visa at this time.

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“But it is a complex and difficult match, Canada has raised the bar in recent years, and now they have a team with many numbers and we have to play a smart game there,” he said.

If I can’t go to Canada for that requirement, then in the same way there is the last game of the year in the Octagon, which will be on November 16th at the National Stadium against Honduras. He wants to stay in the team.

“Those who play in my position I admire a lot and I think I can learn a lot from them, like in the case of (Oscar) Duarte, who has been playing abroad for many years. I think I can learn a lot from him and many sacrifices, we all made many sacrifices to be here. I went through different teams, I had to wait and I was patient.”

He considers that both Duarte and Francisco Calvo are doing it in a very good way as centers in the national team.

“The level of the whole team is determined by the competition and this is what we can contribute, giving competition to those who are already there so that we are all in harmony.”

Off the courts, Salazar loves music very much. He even knows how to play the guitar and studies management.

“It is important that you have something because our career is very short and I have always loved studying outside football.”

Luis Fernando Suarez will hand over the final list of knockout matches against Canada and Honduras this weekend.

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