Bardot approaches Mexican reality.

Wrong dating some Inarritu facts

How did Leopoldo Bloom’s journey in James Joyce’s novel Ulysses influence Iñárritu’s new film or not, it was only Fellini.

What happens is that there is a journey of the protagonist “Silverio” through an inner monologue, one or several streams of consciousness, leaps in time and a stubborn memory that remembers or discovers New Mexico, which by the way is not so indifferent and reveals itself.

Silverio Gama played by Daniel Jimenez Cacho is the protagonist of the film.

He is a successful documentary filmmaker and journalist who won an international award in Los Angeles, the cradle of the movie empire.

The Mexican and immigrant triumphed in Trump’s country, he arrives in Mexico after spending 20 years abroad. He communicates with his family, culture and friends.

In the film, he was accompanied by his wife, Griselda Siciliani, who plays Lucia. Their children will be: Ximena Lamadrid – Camila and Íker Solano – Lorenzo.

Iñárritu, in his metaphor of Mexico, does not leave a “doll with a head”, with good humor tells the story:

The personal, the intimate and the one confronting the myths he attempts to deconstruct, as well as presenting an intolerable reality in Mexico such as femicide, the role of the media, and the position of the military, government, and church.

All are flashes of reality, photos that don’t last more than 3 seconds but depict Mexico today as well as yesterday.

What our director says he does with humor, he does not hesitate to laugh at himself and deconstruct “new historical facts” and for you who want to explain another story in this way.

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The movie begins at Chapultepec Castle. Mexico sells Baja California, meets the ambassador and deals with the loss of half of its territory at the hands of the United States. Students with blonde wigs and other Mexican students.

The main goal is to demystify the legend of heroic children. And the ambassador asks: When will you be emperor?

Immigrants, those who leave Mexico because they have no options, because they want a better life for themselves and their families.

And “first-class immigrants,” Silverio says, to his son those with studies and genius who can succeed in the United States or anywhere in the world.

Hernan Cortes meeting with Moctezuma. Where they smoke a cigarette.

Yes, another myth has been debunked. 400 Spaniards were going to conquer the lands? no.

Other indigenous peoples of various ethnic groups supported the Spaniards against the Aztecs.

In family life, Lucia has to give up their son Mateo, who lived only 30 days, and fix the outstanding problems in his life with his parents.

Your children find their identity. Are they Mexican or American? They have to find their own way.

Silverio has never taken the Los Angeles subway. The day before receiving their award, they went to the station in Santa Monica feeling like “second-class immigrants” and on that train that travels through several counties, they suffer a stroke.

They took him to Mexico, he will not recover, but in one of these he “stretched Lucia’s legs”.

His humor never left an excellent movie. Excellent actors, excellent director and his team.

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