Barbie: The controversial fan-requested song in the movie

Barbie fans are asking for a very special song to be part of the soundtrack; Here we tell you what it’s all about

film “Barbie” It caused an uproar because the actors chosen for the casting were well-known, Promotional posters and They spread out Previews of the feature film that will be released this year.

Fans took advantage of every moment to reminisce about the stories, talk about the value of a Barbie doll in their lives, discuss some standards of beauty and also how she opened up the girls’ vision by showing a doll with multiple professions for the first time.

But it didn’t stop there, Barbie fans requested that a very special song be part of the soundtrack. It is nothing more and nothing less than Barbie bride successful Aqua theme.

The Danish group released the hit single Barbie Girl in 1997. The theme was part of their first studio album Aquarium. The song tells of adventures Barbie and Ken With a little grace and irony. In the video clip, the characters were interpreted by the members Lynn Nystrom and Renee Dave Band. This was undoubtedly the Danish band’s most famous hit to date and took them on a worldwide tour.

It wasn’t all rosy for Barbie Girl, Mattel The company that owns Barbie has filed a lawsuit against the label and the agency that operates the Aqua Collection in the United States. MattelHe claimed that the song placed the doll in the role of a sexual object and that this damaged his reputation Barbie.

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For its part, the record company also filed legal challenges. Finally, everything was dismissed in 2022 because the judge understood it was a parody protected by the First Amendment.

Legal wrangling aside, Barbie fans are requesting that Aqua’s well-known song be part of the movie’s soundtrack. Everything arises because the first lines of dialogue are identical to those in the video: “Hi Barbie! Hi Ken!”


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