Barack Obama spoke about UFOs: “There are things that we don’t know what they are.”

Barack Obama Talk about there UFOs And they admitted their presence Things in space What or what “It is not known what they are Nor how do they move. ”He told the former president of the United States how he had experience with “Unknown” During his tenure and made clear several important points in this regard, Especially after a former military commander provided accurate details about those scenes.

Obama spoke on this Tuesday’s radio Late showWhen asked if he had any,Theories” On Aliens s UFOs.

Barack Obama believes that UFOs are likely to exist

When we talk about aliens There are things I can’t tell you on air. ” The former president admitted and continued: “The truth is that when I arrived, I asked if there was any lab Somewhere where we keep the aliens and their spaceships, But the answer was no. “

However, he acknowledged that There are “pictures and records of objects in the sky that we do not know exactly.” The former president continued his point of view and explained: “We cannot explain How do they move or what is their path. They do not have an easy explanation pattern. “

On December 28, days before he left power, Donald Trump Sign the request So that Pentagon Report to Congress All you know about UFOs. The Senate Intelligence Committee, headed by Marco Rubio, reported that the document, consisting of more than 5,500 papers, directs the agency’s director, defense secretary, and senior managers in the region to Submit a report within 180 days on the UFO phenomenon To the Committees of the United States Congress.

President Donald Trump has asked the Defense Department to report everything it knows to the US CongressBible Boy

How to spread Bible BoyThe report should include details of the UFOs observations that have not been identified, along with a detailed analysis of the information gathered about the phenomenon from various aspects. In addition, the document should contain an analysis of FBI data drawn from investigations into data intrusions for unspecified phenomena in restricted airspace in the United States. Also, an assessment should be made of whether this UFO activity can be attributed to foreign adversaries.

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On the other hand, last March, John Ratcliffe The former US intelligence chief stated that Next Pentagon Report And other federal agencies in the UFOs will contain “hard to explain” data. The specialist said in front of the cameras Fox News: “There are cases in which We don’t have good explanations for some of the things we’ve seen. And when this information is Confidentiality liftedI will be able to talk a little more about that. “

As the expert explained, these elements lead Movements that are difficult to replicate with human technology, Such as traveling at speeds above the sound barrier. The report is expected to be published on June 1, according to the details. USA Today.


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