Banning genetically modified corn: Demand and reconciliation between Mexico and the United States

marking decree that Eliminates licensing and use of genetically modified corn in Mexico by 2025, US government Process started Requests to settle disputes. Catherine Taythe US Trade Representative, stated in a launch be request Resolved under dispute resolution inquiries In the context of Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (USMCA).

he United States Department of Agriculture (United States Department of Agriculture, for its English acronym) indicated that Mexico’s policy against importing genetically modified corn represents risk to agricultural trade. According to the trade representative, the Mexican decree against genetically modified grains can Affect US exports to Mexicoas well Food Safety region.

about the imports of agricultural products Americans in Mexico Statista He pointed out that its value in 2022 amounted to 28 billion dollars. On the other hand, in terms of Food SafetyMexico It consumes 333.9 kilograms per person annuallymentioned Agro-food panorama to deconsa.

Catherine Tay commented that in March 2023, the US authorities requested a Technical Consultation on Biotechnology Guidelines in Mexico. This is to determine whether there are sufficient conditions for science and technology in Mexico Substitution of genetically modified corn imports. however, Mexico did not issue a satisfactory response Kiss Article 9.6.14 of the T-MECwhich should explain the reasons for scientific support for business decisions.

By representing a request in a context tripartite relationshipswhich includes a file Government of Canadathe United States is waiting for a response under Standards affiliate WTO (World Trade Center). This international body is among the most effective for Settlement of commercial disputesAmong its objectives Prevent conflicts from having political impact On a larger scale.

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In case Do not reach reconciliationAnd United State reported it You will work with the relevant authorities and trade representations to resolve the issuemainly due to The number of exports that depend on genetically modified corn. according to Stady posted by Wilson CenterElimination of GM corn in Mexico could leave $30.5 million in revenue Gross Domestic Production (Gross Domestic Product) US.

According to the non-profit organization, Non-GMO ProjectDecree of the President of the Republic Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Seek Maintaining cultural integration and consumption of maize varieties within the countryas well as promotion domestic agriculture. in the face of pressure US Department of Agriculture To suspend the repeal banning genetically modified corn from entering Mexico, the Non-GMO Project pointed out The cultivation of types of these grains in the state as well ensure its diversity to the rest of the world.

For their part, the authorities Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development It is stated in the year 2023 that Mexico has measures to promote corn cultivationespecially within a program Fertilizer for well-being. reply to US trade pressuresThe President of Mexico maintains a The position of self-sufficiency and local production of corn.

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