Banks see an opportunity to accelerate North American integration

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After President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador met with his American counterpart Joe Biden, the Association of Mexican Banks (ABM) confirmed that it It’s time to accelerate North American integrationBecause in addition to solving supply chains, it will help jointly combat problems, such as inflation.

As part of President Lopez Obrador’s entourage in Washington, thehe is ABM leader Daniel Bakerhighlighted the importance of the summit at a time when the upward cycle of rates and rising inflation intersects.

Becker stressed that, under this scenario, Mexico has the opportunity to insert itself more and more into supply chains and create high quality jobs.

We had a long meeting this morning (with the president) to try to reach agreements and he is convinced that Banking will be a key player in the face of economic recovery but also to the opportunities presented by this complex context in terms of Asian manufactures and large trade deficits.

The head of ABM commented at a conference that greater integration would allow Mexico, the United States and Canada to have better elements of controlling inflation as a bloc, as well as to develop common policy strategies and public policies.

He also said that Anticipating the ability to do things in the short term exists“The opportunity is there and it will depend a lot on Mexico’s executive capacity, the business community and the banking sector to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that arise.”

“I believe that this dynamic and this tension that has occurred in the world generates a more accurate moment for the diagnosis that has already been made, to apply it effectively and quickly,” emphasized the ABM president.

In this regard, he commented that Rearranging the supply chain will bring important financingSmall and medium-sized companies so that they can join and be a supplier to large companies, so banks seek to identify new mechanisms that generate guarantees so that they can do their job properly and give the necessary financing.

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Finally, Becker considered that to achieve this it is necessary to have greater legal certainty, that there are clear conditions, and an understanding of what the mechanisms are in terms of investment, to seize the opportunities.


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