Bandai Namco responds to criticism with upcoming corrections

Although the release has caught the interest of gamers, several performance issues have already been encountered.

Programming He proceeded to enter the video game history (again) with the release of elden ring. Experiment middle lands Previously It has stunned a lot of the specialized pressand its popularity in Twitter And the steam They showed that society had been waiting for this moment for a long time. However, even though Elden Ring made an amazing debut, he also grew up Some criticism of her performance.

PC gamers experience low frameratesWe have already told you about the problems in the game: Stable 60 FPS on Xbox Series, but drops and weird tips on PS5. This kind of situation has also been observed in the ecosystem of PCBecause the players have already left Lots of negative reviews on Steam Referring to the title playback on computers. behind – on the other side 1 day patch Already traded, Bandai Namco . promised Improve this controversial aspect In Elden Ring.

as stated from Publisher’s websiteyou will receive the game More updates which are intended to address the following aspects discovered by From Software:

  • An issue with the mouse that makes it very sensitive in the PC version.
  • Problem starting Easy Anti-Cheat associated with Steam account names that are set to 2-byte characters.
  • Frame drops and other performance issues.
  • PS5 version error not saving game correctly.

Additionally, from Bandai Namco they claim to be aware of all the bugs that players have discovered and they apologize On Elden Ring’s performance: “We’re experiencing some issues that prevent the game from working properly in some circumstances. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask that you be patient.”

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picture of elden ring

Bandai Namco recommends that you contact them if you find more problemsIn this way, Elden Ring will continue Refine your experience Through performance-focused patches and bugs that may remain in the game. In addition, Bandai Namco encourages the community to Contact them In case you find more problems that ruin exploration across the Midlands.

At the end of the day, we face one of the most important matches of the year. Elden Ring’s suggestion is too big We couldn’t finish it yetalthough you can always read our impressions in the format Analysis in progress. In addition, From Software’s ideas have also inspired us to get creative The Elden Ring: The culmination of Miyazaki’s dark journeya new project for our platinum brand.

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