Balseiro Institute teachers bring science and technology to the book fair

For five days, a team of teachers from the Balseiro Institute participated in Explore booth ZON International Book Fair in Buenos Aires. They suggested experiences, conversations and even a round table.

The scene was repeated every day in alternating shifts. Groups of students surrounded a kind of fish tank where they estimated that there was a stream of water crossing a small forest. Soon, explain about fluid mechanics Which ended with countless questions. Bottles with water and pearlescent particles are also included in ‘show turmoil’.

In addition to fluid dynamics, there was also an explanation about Radiation of everyday life and optical communications.

Visitors were able to measure Radioactivity of the body Like table salt, a dinosaur fossil or even a nightshirt, with two Balseiro engineers. They have learned what it is reflection and refraction By experimenting with light and how fiber-optic communications occur, based on the explanation of another pair of engineers.

Along with experiences and an extensive agenda of talks on topics such as IB50K, Balseiro presented a roundtable on the institution’s history, present, and future. The forum was attended by Mariano Cantiero, current director of the institute, Graciela Bertolino, deputy director of the Engineering District, and Carlos Balcero, former director, and alumnus of Alberto Rojo.

“We had many inquiries from girls and boys who came to ask about the status of studying at the institute, and what are the requirements for entry. We notice a great desire to understand everyday physical phenomena,” said Patricia Matthews, Secretary of Extension and Scientific Culture at the Balseiro Institute.

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Cantreau noted that due to the epidemic, the exhibition has not been held in recent years. Although the main objective of the institute is to train human resources and generate knowledge, everything related to the development of the state, To be able to link directly with the community It is also a very important goal for us.

Balseiro’s activities at the Zona Explora ran from May 6-10. His aides considered it possible to combine “Science and technology among books and more books«.

“I came to the book fair to learn about this pavilion without knowing much, but I learned a little bit about how nuclear power works and how fluids work. I saw an experiment on water flow, very interesting,” summed up Gaston, a student in the College of Arts.

Thiago, from Pokhara Cooperative School, said that they have in his school the method of natural sciences, which is why they wanted to visit Zona Explora. “This is very useful to us because science is everywhere, isn’t it?” he said.

Mara, from Berazategui Polytechnic 3, is in her seventh year in chemistry and has visited the Balseiro platform twice in the afternoons. “I was very moved when I learned that the Balseiro platform was here. Two years ago, I found this proposal and it really interests me a lot. It is everything I am looking for in the institute and in my profession,” he said.

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