Baldur’s Gate 3 players discover how to preserve Karlach after the destruction of the grove

A Baldur’s Gate 3 player has discovered a way to preserve Karlach after the destruction of the grove in the first chapter. Here we will tell you how he did it, keep reading!

Just like in a typical Dungeons & Dragons game, any choice you make in Baldur’s Gate 3 has a direct impact on how your companions see you. Therefore, if you are evil, good comrades like Karlach will start to hate you.

If they hate you too much, they’ll end up leaving the camp, and thus your game, forever.

Destroying an entire grove of innocent NPCs is definitely evil, even if you’re doing it to get Minthara. Of course, by doing this, it’s entirely possible that Karlak will end up hating your character so much that he’ll end up leaving… unless you do the following.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 player reveals how to preserve Karlach after the destruction of the grove

By posting your Discover on RedditOne user explained to the community how they found “A way to keep these two together after committing genocide on a beautiful princess with a disorder“, referring to Karlach, Weil and Minthara respectively.

They went on to explain how to do this: “First: Leave Karlach and Wyll at the camp. After raiding the orchard, go to the camp and kill Karlach and Wyll, then have Withers take care of them or something. This will keep your soul and body in the camp. Do not revive them after.

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Next, they reveal a key NPC that will help your cause: “Second: Recruit Scratch. Third: Wait for Scratch to arrive at camp. Fourth: Pet scratching“.

Shortly after doing so, though, they died: “You will see a “Karach Approved” notification appear. This will increase your score with her to a level where you will no longer leave. Now you can revive Karlach and have him join the game. I think it could be done through interactions of other camps that Karlach and Weil would agree to“.

It is worth noting that the player only tested this on Karlach, and therefore assumed it would work on Wyll.

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Others explained that “They think this only works with Karlach. For some reason, Wyll is scheduled to come out as soon as the raid starts, even if he’s dead/stored in the wither/hiding in a camp trunk/etc.“So you will probably only be able to keep one partner.

However, this isn’t the best compromise, but it keeps Karlach in your party and allows you to pet the dog, so it’s not all bad.

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