Azqueta: The Library will celebrate Science Week with workshops for children

The workshops are “Build Your Own Cell” and “Green Hydrogen”.

It will be taught on November 9 and 10 and will target students between 3 and 6 of primary education

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On the occasion of Science Week, the Ezekiel Library organized science workshops on November 9 and 10. Under the titles “Building Your Own Cell” and “Green Hydrogen”, workshops will be held for students between the third and sixth grade of primary education.

Two workshops will be offered each day, the first at 5:30 pm and the second at 6:45 pm. Participants must register in advance as the number of places is limited. The registration period will remain open between October 27 and November 8. Registration can be made at the library itself or by calling 943 85 08 98.

cells and energy

The first workshop is called Build Your Own Hive and will take place on November 9th. This workshop is part of the field of Cell Biology. Boys and girls will recreate the different components of cells with an exciting game and will actively and dynamically understand their different functions. Later they will use everything they have learned to create the most authentic hive.

The second workshop is called “Green Hydrogen” and will take place the next day, November 10. Energy is the engine that moves the world. Energy is present in all of our life activities and is constantly being transformed from one form to another. Renewable energies rely on obtaining energy from non-consumable sources with low environmental impact. One of the keys to sustainability is the efficient generation and use of energy. We can all contribute.

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