AZ and SEMI will collaborate in disease prevention and diagnosis

. Joanna Carretero, President of SEMI; and Ana Perez Dominguez, Director of Medical and Regulatory Affairs for AstraZeneca Spain.

AstraZeneca and the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) signed a cooperation agreement according to which AstraZeneca became a “strategic partner” of the scientific community. The agreement obliges the pharmaceutical company to cooperate with SEMI in various activities of a scientific and professional nature, such as sponsoring conferences or supporting in holding conferences and training courses.

The activities launched by AstraZeneca over the course of this year will also be directed in collaboration with SEMI through the Spanish Foundation for Internal Medicine (FEMI) which, among other things, promotes, encourages and disseminates scientific activities, educational as researchers, related to internal medicine. These initiatives aim to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular, renal, metabolic, respiratory and immunological diseases.

On behalf of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI), the cooperation agreement was signed by Juana Carretero, President of the Society, who highlighted that “the collaboration alliance that AstraZeneca and SEMI have just undertaken will, in practice, accelerate the development of initiatives and actions that contribute to Continuous improvement of internal medicine in Spain. It is a great pleasure to have a new strategic partner such as AstraZeneca to work on projects that will undoubtedly benefit both internal doctors and patients.”

On behalf of AstraZeneca, Ana Perez Dominguez, Director of Medical and Regulatory Affairs for AstraZeneca Spain, noted that we at AstraZeneca are fully involved in providing solutions for people with chronic diseases. For this reason, we have decided to work hand in hand with SEMI, with whom we are committed to maintaining close collaboration and adding value to the various procedures we jointly undertake so that all of this is of benefit to the patient.

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