Ayurveda online: An increasingly popular treatment method

Ayurveda Medicine with Lola Peña: The Bio Evolution with One Click

Connected with Through the therapeutic power of the right foods, relaxation, meditation and changing patterns of thinking become to achieve complete health in a personal way thanks to Ayurvedic medicine.. It is a thousand-year-old holistic Hindu healing remedy that has gained popularity in Spain recently when incarceration in millions of souls generates the need to be reborn. in hand Lola Peña MartosOne of the privileged Ayurvedic healers In the country, we can progress towards this vital development according to our personal needs.

Due to the large number of requests for her services, the therapist has opened a webpage for her patients where she provides health services. Ayurveda online With Personal attention For clients all over the world. “Although my audience is more focused on women and my goal is to stimulate the journey of self-communication to empower them through the wisdom of ancestors, I also serve men who are awake and interested in connecting with themselves,” says the specialist on his website.

How is Ayurveda Online?

Thanks to advances in technology, Lola Peña, whose office is in Granada, at Ayurveda Natural Medicine Center, has brought thousands of homes around the world. the benefits Ayurvedic medicine. Those interested should make an appointment on the site and begin the course Heal the body and mind. Once the appointment is approved, the consultation begins with determining the delivery and current make-up of the patient, which is achieved by studying his condition. Digestive capacity and its regulation And the Subsequent detoxification from the body through good nutrition.

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Then the professional begins preparing the body to detoxify, rejuvenate the digestive process to stimulate the physical conditions needed to change towards a life full of vitality and longevity. According to Lola Peña, Digestive Therapy is able to treat skin conditions, allergies, hormonal and immune problems, and diabetes, among others.

Once the patient’s tendency to imbalance has been identified, Lula examines the condition by relating it to the patient’s current situation which consists of asking key medical questions about his or her condition. Emotional state, lifestyle and other causes for the imbalances involved in, or to prevent, suffering from afflicted diseases.

Ayurvedic pulse readings, and physical exams such as Palpation of the abdomen And other observations that cannot be identified online, for this reason it is necessary to perform the consultation with a video camera so that the therapist can provide a diagnosis by monitoring language.

The first counseling is the step towards a new balanced life, self-knowledge and awakening awareness, which will be the result of the needs of every person in his life, thanks to the companion of Lola Peña, whose wisdom can be found. The vital balance between a healthy mind and a disease free body.

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