Avoid downloading these apps: they contain viruses and you subscribe to paid services without even realizing it

If you have a mobile device with it Android Attention: a French security researcher has discovered eight applications that contain a new family of viruses of the type malware and you should avoid downloading them.

The expert stated that after an investigation conducted since June 2021, these applications have infected more than three million Android mobile phones and tablets. The virus is deliberate Autolikos-Installs firmware running in the background, It takes user data and subscribes to paid services.

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According to the researcher, malicious applications are highly promoted on social networks and reach users through advertising campaigns. To promote it, scammers create multiple Facebook pages and post ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Two applications to avoid downloading. (Photo: Twitter Capture / @IngraoMaxime)

Through these ads, victims are lured with images of new themes and wallpapers, attractive phone themes and camera apps with professional functions, filters and latest technology features.

after complaining Google has removed these apps from its Play Store, But some of its APK versions are still available online. APK -Android Application Package- is a file in the form of a package that contains an application, unlike a normal application that runs automatically, the user must install it on their own after downloading.

How does the Autolycos virus work?

The new malware works in a similar way to the Joker virus: it takes user data and subscribes to paid SMS and call services for which the victim incurs a small but fixed fee.

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What apps should you avoid downloading?

Eight malicious apps to avoid downloading are:

  • Vlog Star Video Editor (Video Editor)
  • Creative 3D Launcher
  • Funny Camera (photo camera app)
  • Wow Beauty Camera
  • Gif Emoji keyboard (keyboard themes app)
  • Razer Keyboard & Theme (App keyboard themes and wallpapers, not related to Razer gaming and technology)
  • Freeglow Camera 1.0.0 (photo camera app)
  • Coco Camera v1.1 (photo camera app)
Some malicious Android apps that expert Maxime Ingrao recommends not to download.  (Photo: Twitter Capture / @IngraoMaxime)
Some malicious Android apps that expert Maxime Ingrao recommends not to download. (Photo: Twitter Capture / @IngraoMaxime)

How to protect yourself from harmful applications

In principle, the best way to protect is Update the operating system of the phone or mobile device.

A common recommendation when downloading apps, and checking their security, is to check the reviews of other users and the app’s score in the Play Store. Although this is not an infallible method, since many companies pay for positive reviews, it is worth checking what other users think about the app you want to download.

Finally, it is very important to avoid downloading apps from outside the Play Store From Google, especially the ones that don’t look legit. In these cases, common sense prevails: the app asking for 43 permissions is suspicious from the start.

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