Avenida de la Constitución hosts the exhibition “Seville is also young science 2023” that reveals the activity of 27 researchers

Avenida de la Constitución hosts from today the exhibition ‘Seville is also young science’, a new edition of the initiative of the field of youth, science, universities and development cooperation in coordination with the Science Table with the aim of giving knowledge and disseminating the work done in the city in terms of research. The sample consists of 27 Mobis with several young researchers developing their activity in some of the institutions that are part of this table, such as the Universities of Seville, Pablo de Olavid, Loyola, the International University of Andalusia (UNIA), the Cartuja Park of Science and Technology (PCT), the Higher Council for Scientific Research ( CSIC) or the Joint Research Center, whose representatives accompanied the Delegate of Youth, Science, Universities and Development Cooperation, Juan Antonio Barionevo, on a visit.

Each of the display panels, which are in this pocket to promote its dissemination, especially among the new generations, presents the image of one of these researchers with a qr code or information via NFC that makes it possible to consult certain lines of work. Projects have been categorized into different lines of research related, for example, to climate change (Generation of Carbon Layers to Understand the Quality of Our Soils Under Climate Change, by Tadeo Sáez, Mircoclimate Analysis, by Victoria López, or Estudio Soil Biodiversity, by Manuel Delgado), Social Sciences (SDGs and Series), Economics (Feminist Political Economy, by Astrid Aginjo), Law (Human Rights in Urban Geography, by Jaime Joffre), Psychology (Preventing Parental Depression and Anxiety Online), Physics (Advance Vehicles New solutions that ensure the protection of photovoltaic systems used in space from radiation, by Luis Alejandro Arriaga, or new solutions for controlling renewable plants in the electrical system by Luna Moreno Diaz).

Other areas are also included, such as education (Language proficiency as a cause and consequence of school success, by Adrián Granados, or holistic teaching, by Rafael Carballo), new technologies (Big Fas data research and artificial intelligence, by Laura Melgar; o Securing electronic devices, by Erica Tena; Health (Rare Mitochondrial Diseases, by Soliva Bovia; or How Muscles Form and Rejuvenate in Old Age People, by Cristina Vicente); Biology (On Europe’s Largest Bat, by Elena Tena); Food (From Waste to Table, by Fatima Rubio) to name a few.

In addition to downloading these contents with the above methods, all information is available at this link with profiles, details of studies and explanatory videos. https://www.sevilla.org/servicios/sevilla-joven/programas-de-juventud/exposicion-de-mupis-sevilla-tambien-es-ciencia-joven-edicion-2023

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