‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ confirms its arrival on Disney+ and will be in June: Pandora premieres live

Avatar: Water Sense was over ticket window 2022 and making money in 2023 with more than $2,319 million. Its credentials are unquestionable, and after sweeping theaters around the world, James Cameron’s new movie is out, which is already gearing up for new action-packed sequels. Pandoraconfirmed Premiere on Disney+. And yes, come in Junefaster than expected.

Avatar: Water Sense Coming to Disney + next June 7th

Cameron movie able to surpass the box office of other heavyweights such as Titanic After a two-month exclusivity in theaters, it arrived in digital form this past March, and now, weeks later, it will do the same in streaming. Disney confirmed that June 7 nextAnd Avatar: Water Sense Being available on duty, allowing us to enjoy a new adventure of the Sully clan in the oceans of Pandora. This is the first step towards new cinematic stories, with a third part already filmed and in post-production.

It should be noted that the streaming premiere of Cameron’s movie will not be limited to Disney+ in the US, as it will launch on the old HBO Max, which has been renamed Max in North America. It is part of the agreement between Disney and Warner in some territories signed in the distant past, which allows certain 20th Century Studios tapes to have access to the digital platform of Main. Whatever the case, the future is bright for Avatar. Cameron plans an extended montage of Avatar 3 in theaters and then on Disney+, seeking to expand the horizons of a sci-fi story that won’t end anytime soon.

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