Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi with Face-to-Face Residence and Online Activities, 28th Edition of Summer of Science UASLP begins

With the participation of 398 students and 203 research professors, this university, through the Secretariat for Research and Postgraduate Studies (SIP), initiated the Summer of Science 2022 activities, in its 28th edition.

The main objective of the event is to promote interaction between researchers and youth from upper secondary and university level. The inauguration took place in the lecture hall of the Postgraduate Unit of this University, where Dr. Alejandro Javier Zerminio Guerra, President of this University, emphasized that its importance is the desire that students display to know the world, which is for eager minds. to know.

He also said that epistemology is not found in libraries, “Fortunately you bring science with your interests and they, with the support of researchers, will put you on the road so that you can find an answer to these concerns. It is correct to think that in the independence we have freedom of thought is privileged, As well as respecting thinking differently, great things can come from there.”

Students are the engine of this Summer of Science programme, Dr. Amaury de Jesús Pozos Guillén, Curator for Research and Graduate Studies, noted, “It is with this engine and this enthusiasm that this program intensifies and we hope that they will take advantage of it and enjoy it.”

It should be noted that after two years, face-to-face stays are resumed and the Virtual Summer Science Program is also offered. As well as merging Mathuala Preparatory School and the Department of Physics and Mathematics.

Dr.. Rosalba Medina Rivera, Director General of Copocyt, Dr Daniel Ulises Campos Delgado, Director of UASLP’s Institute for Visual Communication Research (IICO), as well as students from the Institute and from other universities.

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