Australia Will Slowly Kill 10,000 Wild Horses (And Experts Warn It’s Few)


November 4, 2021 09:19 GMT

The presence of horses threatens endangered plants and species in a nature reserve.

A group of 69 researchers from the Australian Academy of Sciences has written an open letter to New South Wales state authorities, criticizing a plan to euthanize 10,000 wild horses in Kosciuszko National Park, according to the Pick up local media.

In the reserve they lived almost 14380 horse, an exotic animal in the local ecosystem, its presence means importance Damage to sensitive plants and provoke Stress in native speciesSome of them are in danger of extinction.

According to experts’ estimates, in the absence of intervention to solve the problem, the number of wild horses in the park will exceed 20000 for the next year.

Faced with this situation, last September the National Park and State Wildlife Service announced an initiative to go down to 3000 The local population of these herbivores, euthanized most of them and transported the rest.

The project expects that the remaining horses will remain in a protected area that includes 32% off booking.

Against this plan, the letter’s authors argue that even 3,000 wild horses would be too high a number for Kosciusko to begin to overcome the damage caused by drought, fire, and overgrazing.

They also expressed concern that maintaining this number of horses might force them to do so Slaughter a portion of the samples regularly To prevent the population from reproducing again.

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Instead, they urged that the number of horses be reduced as quickly as possible well below the number stipulated in the plan, with the help of all available methods, always respecting animal welfare guidelines. Their ultimate goal is to protect the entire park grounds from this quartet.

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