Australia will compensate thousands of Aboriginal people who were stolen from their families as children | The greatest reparation gesture after an apology in 2008

Prime Minister Australia, Scott Morrison, announced Thursday that It will compensate thousands of indigenous people of the so-called “stolen generation”, those who during their childhood were deprived of their families as part of the official assimilation policy between 1910 and 1970.

the The Australian government will give up 86,000 Australian dollars ($63,517 or €53,666) for affected Aboriginal peoples in the Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Jervis Bay (in the state of New South Wales). This measure comes in addition to the previous compensation provided by the rest of the regions that make up the state.

“What happened is a shameful chapter in our history,” Morrison told Parliament in Canberra after implementing a plan to end discrimination against indigenous peoples. They represent 3.3 per cent of the more than 25 million people in Australia.

the Reparations are one of the most important official initiatives since Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s apology in 2008 To the “stolen generation” on behalf of the nation.

“The declaration reflects the government’s commitment to recognizing and recognizing past grievances as part of the nation’s journey toward reconciliation, and this plan represents an important step toward recovery,” Aboriginal Minister Ken Wyatt said in a joint statement with Morrison.

The stolen generation in Australia

compensator, Approximately 3600 survivorsThey also have the opportunity to tell their story about the impact of these practices on their lives to a particular official and receive a personal apology or letter.

calculated that About 100,000 Indigenous Australian children of the Stolen Generation were separated from their families between 1910 and 1970 and given to white families or institutions for their education. As part of the previous “White Australia” policy that sought to assimilate minorities.

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Indigenous Australians have been victims of persistent abuse since colonialism, as well as being systematically disenfranchised and discriminated against, and many live in poverty and inequality.

The Australian Constitution, which dates back to 1901, does not mention or recognize Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people as the country’s first inhabitants, although a civic movement has grown in recent years to recognize their natural rights.

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