‘August, month of second doses’: Vaccination rate down, more schedules completed, question asked about AstraZeneca

Ten days before the beginning of August, which the Ministry of Health classified as “second doses”, you can watch A drop in the vaccination rate in Argentina, an increase in the proportion full schemes And a question about people who got the vaccines AstraZeneca.

During August, the government proposed that coverage with two doses reach 60% of adults over the age of 50. Last Friday, Alberto Fernandez promised 7 million vaccines They should arrive before the step. According to the numbers reached TN.com.ar, in this time 43.2% of that group have the full schemas. To achieve this goal, he made it possible to combine the Sputnik V with the Moderna and AstraZeneca series.

Indeed, figures from the Public Immunization Observatory show that during the first days of this month the rate of application of second doses increased, but the same figures show that vaccination with dose 1 decreased. Between July 26 and July 1, some 2,404,008 doses, while between the 2nd and 8th of this month this figure It decreased to 2160303, i.e. 10.13% less (258601 cira).

They explained in the country’s Ministry of Health that this slight decrease is due to the fact that determining the second doses takes priority, which leads to providing fewer shifts to apply the first. Always according to public data, The number of vaccines distributed increased to 4,0647.064 While the applicable ones are 34.993.614.

Of this total, 26201942 corresponded to dose 1, while 8,791,672 subjects had already completed their vaccination schedules. The age group of people aged 60 years and over received 9,848,224 serums. If he takes into account that the government has estimated the population at 7,279,394, There are still about 4,710,564 serums to be placed in this group To protect it with two applications.

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Dosing acceleration is explained in the app 1,514,940 Moderna Whey Which the government started distributing last week. These are vaccines donated by the US government that are also used to vaccinate about 900,000 minors with comorbidities. The Ministry of Health reports that about 100,000 doses have already been placed in this priority group. The goal is to work with municipalities and counties to encourage vaccination in the youngest.

The government designated August as the month of “second doses.” EFE / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

According to the numbers he was able to collect TN.com.ar from different sources of health, About 2,300,000 people over the age of 60 are waiting for the second component of the Russian serum across the country, a large part of which is located in the city and province of Buenos Aires, which in this case has 1.7 million citizens.

out of the grand total, 1,500,000 Buenos Aires residents have already passed the 90-day window From the first application, while they are in the city 213 thousand Neighbors who have to complete their schemes after receiving a dose of Russian serum.

Figures from the Public Immunization Observatory. Credits: Argentina.gob.ar.

Vaccination schedules for adults over 60 could be completed quickly if Argentina had a stockpile of AstraZeneca doses, but failure to comply with that laboratory is forcing jurisdictions to rethink the use of every vaccine that reaches the country. For example, the city and province of Buenos Aires will not offer these vaccines as a group but as second doses to those who have already received the first.

More than 200,000 doses of this Oxford-developed vaccine arrived on Monday, and authorities are once again concerned about delays in delivery. Of the 22.4 million doses from the original contract, about 12 million are still waiting to arrive. Although there is no public data, At least 6 million people under the age of 60 have received the first dose of AstraZeneca And at some point they must complete their scheme. A percentage of this number is about to meet the 56-day window between the first and second insemination.

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The need for second doses is increased due to the risk of a delta-variable spread of the coronavirus in a societal manner in the country. As confirmed by the Director of Epidemiology and Strategic Information Analysis, there are 127 confirmed cases of this proportion in the country related to travelers. “We still don’t have dominant transmission,” the Federal Health Council official explained.

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