Audiovisual Law | ERC threatens to veto budgets if Catalan is not guaranteed on platforms

The audiovisual law can do exposes to danger The 2022 budgets. and that is ERC could don’t agree to it If the government does not comply with the Charter of Audiovisual Law To protect production in the three common official languages ​​on all platforms, even if they are based in the United States, as in Netflix.

At a press conference, the ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Rovian, this Tuesday to The impossibility of implementing the quota of common official languages, such as Catalan, on platforms not established in Spain such as Netflix, as it is prohibited by European directives.

Ruffian said after adding that not only would the ERC support this bill, but that “all scenarios are open, also in the Senate, regarding ‘state public budgets’.”

Rovian considered that the argument made by the executive authority for non-compliance was a “strange excuse” and offered that he will meet today, Wednesday, with the ministers of the Presidency, Felix BolanosAnd with the Minister of Finance, Maria Jesus MonteiroAs well as with the spokesman of the Socialist Parliamentary Bloc, Hector Gomez, to consider this issue.

In the event that the SWP does not respect the agreement reached, the Equity and Reconciliation Corporation “will not support this law”that must pass through Congress, warned Ruffian, who also warned the government that the majority that would allow it to move forward on the legislative agenda was at risk. Pointing out that “we don’t care where the platforms are,” he said, after noting that:

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open to negotiate

However, the Equity and Reconciliation Commission is open to continue negotiating any kind of incentives Netflix is ​​also taking advantage of the production quota in the common official languages. They also claim that a file commitment for the government Reflected through a public document or work It permanently binds him to this agreement and regrets that the signed agreement was not reflected in the bill.

“what or what It won’t happen, but rather by participating in traps or trying to show that nothing is happening here and that there are multinationals that are free and can do whatever they want.He said, and also stressed, “We respect conventions and no multinational company should whisper laws to the government.”

6% of the Catalan quota

The 6% share of Catalan, Galician and Basque does not affect the catalog of platforms such as HBOMax, Netflix and Amazon Prime, because the project audiovisual law You are only obligated to guarantee the share of the common official languages ​​that exist in Spain, so that it only affects from the movie And Movistar +.

fact, from the movie when 23% of the catalog is in Catalan, While Movestar You have More than 300 movies and 40 seasons Series in the original version translated into Catalan; The fruit of the agreement with the Language Policy 2014. There are also 55 feature films and one series in Catalan.

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