Auckland hosts 100 million jars between the kiwi and the azureus

The America’s Sailing Cup It is the oldest trophy in the history of sporting competition. She was born in 1851 when a fleet of 14 British ships challenged the sailboat USA, In a regatta that consists of touring in Isle of Wight. The prize for the winner is a silver pitcher with a value of 100 gold pounds. Likewise, the phrase “Her Majesty No Than” (addressed to Queen Victoria) became famous.

The owner of the América sailboat, hence the name the competition will take from that date, donated the trophy to New York Yacht Club, Who decided to run on the condition that the winner organizes his defense Hundred Guinea jug. Only four countries occupied it: USA, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland.

During all this time, the Copa América went into play 35 times, and winning from the start was a matter of honor and pride, and at the same time the distinction of going, in each edition, a little further and always. Stirring up a technological revolution that reaches unpredictable levels.

Big businessmen set their sights on the America’s Cup and spared no human and financial resources to win this precious cup. At the beginning of the twentieth century names like John Rockefeller The Sir Thomas LiptonThe tea merchant is already in the modern era: Ted Turner (Founder of CNN) and in recent years Larry Ellison (inspiration), Ernesto Bertarelli (Serono), Patrizio Bertelli (Prada) Sir Keith Mills (Due to Tottenham Hotspur), Doug de Voss (Orlando Magic) or Jim Ratcliffe (Ineos), it was some billionaires who tried, with more or less success, to raise the jar.

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In this Auckland edition, American Magic owner Doug de Vos and Jim Ratcliffe of Ineos Team UK stand out, but despite their big budgets, they missed the goal of reaching the final and the competition. Emirates Cup for the New Zealand team. The one who did so was Patrizio Bertelli, the owner of Luna Rossa, who was the best among the rivals and will be the player who will challenge NZ, the current defender of Copa America, starting Wednesday. A person who wins 7 of the 13 scheduled fights will win the Hundred Guineas Jug.

Luna Rossa is the record challenger

NZ Team, the only one between the public and private sectors

Although almost no team has announced their Copa América budgets, it is estimated in this edition that their average was around 100 million euros per team, for only three months of competition, and in the case of American Magic, it was eliminated first in the Prada Cup, And that was hardly four weeks.

When making a comparison, the budget for one Copa America team is twice the salary Leo Messi Or the sum of the annual budgets of the four leading teams Liga Smartbank (Mallorca, Almeria, Espanyol and Leganes) together.

The Defender, Emirates Airline New Zealand teamIt is the only one of the participants to participate in public and private funding. The New Zealand government has invested NZ $ 100 million (€ 58 million), even though much of this money is devoted to infrastructure more than the equipment itself. The other culmination of financing, unlike the rest of the competitors, is through multiple brands. The main sponsor is Emirates Airlines, joined by Toyota, Omega and Nespresso among others. Here also enters the form Matteo de Nora, The sponsor under Team Kiwi, of Italian descent and born in New York, the person who has covered the rest of the needs of the New Zealand team since 2003.

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With respect to Record Challenger This, in turn, is the team that reached the Copa America final Red Moon Italian Patrizio Bertelli, husband Miuccia Prada, Founder and owner of the Italian luxury fashion brand. They also add Pirelli and Panerai. Prada’s official budget for the Copa America is 84 million euros, which includes the organization of the Prada Cup, and from there 64 million euros goes to the team. 25 million a year from 2018 to 2020 and 9 million in 2021.

In INEOS ‘case, its founder, Jim Ratchliffe, is the UK’s richest man. Legend has it that it was closed by style Ben Ainsley Care in a British pub for a few pints of beer. Ratcliffe reassured him of 110 million pounds (125 million euros) with the goal of returning the Copa America to England, a feat the team had yet to achieve.

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