ATTTA and the Diversity Clinic speak at the General Medicine Conference

The Ninth Congress is organized by the General Medicine Association of the Province of Buenos Aires (AMGBA), accompanied by the Municipality of La Costa. It was attended by first-class guests, leading conferences, workshops, and discussion tables developed during this new edition.

The official opening ceremony was held last Thursday by the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Nicholas Creblak, who was accompanied by the Mayor of Mar de Ajo, Christian Cardoso and the President of the AMGBA, Cynthia Ramminger.

The activities of the ninth session of the conference were developed under the theme “Where are the feet: the community, the land and the health team as champions”.

Ocampo’s lectures with Dr. Luza, General Practitioner of the Diversity Clinic, took place during the day scheduled for Saturday in the Ramon Carrillo Room, in the multicultural space of Mar de Ajo, under Headquarters: Rethinking Paradigms of Care in Diversities and Transgender People.

?? The idea is to raise awareness and clarify. , also referred to LA RAZÓN, Victoria Ocampo, who is participating with CLINIC and ATTTA for the second time in a row, at the national conference that we participated in in 2019 in San Miguel de Tucumán??.

Diversity Clinic

In this sense, she elaborated on raising awareness among health teams about the complexities of the LGBT community, especially about trans women, and told them in the first person as well as being a trans woman, what they struggle with in matters of public health access, highlighting the importance of having diversity clinics??.

Likewise, he highlighted the engagement with two general practitioners, specialists from the city of Mar del Plata, who also make up the diversity clinic in that city.

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Fortunately, diversity clinics have increased exponentially ?? He asserts, “Nevertheless, Chivelkoy remains one of the largest references in the province, due to its system of operation and its spread in the community.”

?? Our office is open to all the problems of the transgender community, being pioneers in this matter?? pointed out.

Is it just about getting hormones?

This was the premise of the second thesis, Victoria’s questioning of the audience, ?? Is it really a topic for discussion?? , Indicates , ?? Not all transgender people need to have hormones, and even if a partner comes to love to do that, we must evaluate her integrity, ie her diet, her quality of life, if she has a job, if she’s a prostitute, that’s a combination, not just to give her the hormone and repair herself. . Diversity clinics exist for that, to provide support in everyday life and to improve the quality of life, this is the main objective of our work ??.

Access to health care

Victoria confirms – again – that the MMR for trans women is 35, it’s the average age to reverse, I can’t give a partner a hormone because she demands it and I don’t worry about escorting them, that’s why regional The work we’re doing to improve the lives of transgender people?? .

What we lack

“That we can be present at a conference of these dimensions is very important,” he concluded, however, to note, within expectations and what remains to be done, that “there were no trans people assembled, though I was speaking, there was still a connection Live with transgender people and hear their testimonies, the truth is that this openness is essential, partners can tell health professionals their basic needs when arriving at a health center, and there is no invitation for the trans community yet, despite the fact that being able to participate as a health professional has been great? ?.

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