Attack on the AMIA: Despite the Justice Department’s warning, the Iranian fugitive was once again able to leave his country without consequences

Once again, an Iranian with an international arrest warrant for plotting the 1994 AMIA attack left his country and was not arrested.. The new episode includes Ahmed WahidiIran’s Interior Minister, who met Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad on February 15 and returned to Tehran without being arrested by Interpol. According to confidential documents obtained by LA NACION, the Argentine Foreign Ministry contacted Interpol just one month after the notice sent by the federal judiciary..

The episode adds to what happened a month ago, on January 11, when another fugitive from the attack on AMIA, Iran’s deputy head of economic affairs, Mohsen Rezaei, was in the resumption of Daniel Ortega’s position as President of Nicaragua. The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of Argentina. Daniel Kapticwho said he was unaware of Rezaei’s arrival, despite the fact of it was expected by the Vice President of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo. On that occasion, days later, the Argentine Foreign Ministry sent an official protest, but no one did anything to arrest Razai, neither Nicaragua, nor Interpol.

Nation I now met a similar episode, In the aggravating circumstance, the judge informed the Argentine authorities that Wahidi will leave his countrywhere he was protected, crosses borders and airports and meets in Pakistan with a Pakistani official. On August 11 last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the nomination of Vahidi as Minister of Interior, but now he has chosen to remain silent..

They will lift the sanctions on the former Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi, accused of the AMIA attackArchives

Vahidi is accused of participating in an important meeting in 1993, after it was suggested that Argentina would be the target of an Iranian attack And that he had indications that the plan would be implemented, once the target was approved. He is accused of being one of the ideological authors From that attack, for which an INTERPOL Red Notice with his international families is in effect.

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Share a fugitive status with a red circle with Mohsen Rezaeithe former head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards; Ali Valhijanformer intelligence minister; Mohsen Rabbaniformer cultural attaché of Argentina; Ahmed AsghariFormer Secretary of the Iranian Embassy in Argentina; And the Samuel Salman Al-Ridhawho has been identified as the organizer of the attacks.

The Financial Unit of Investigations of the attack on the Iranian News Agency (AMIA), through press reports from the Iranian News Agency (IRNA) and through information from Arab News and Pakistan today, warned of the approaching visit of the fugitive Iranian official.

Judge Maria Eugenia Capuccitti Last January 14 – a month before the meeting in Islamabad – he sent a note to the Director of International Legal Aid at the State Department, Aldana Rohr, He warned him that the arrest warrant against Wahidi was valid and asked him to request the Pakistani authorities to hold him for preventive purposes for extradition.

The note states that he is the commander of the force QudsMember of the Revolutionary Guard Corps during the period 1993/1994, and it is indicated that “his presence in the final decision taken on August 14, 1993 in the Supreme Security Council to attack our country” is certified. . It is added that Vahidi was part of the group which, in the Intelligence Bureau, presented the initial proposal for an attack on our country for evaluation, and that he agreed to present it later to the Aomori Figeh Special Affairs Committee, which was to authorize the attack. .

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Judge Capuchetti highlights that there is an extradition treaty between Argentina and Pakistan, in force since 1953, and that the arrest warrant is “in effect”.

Despite Justice’s request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vahidi arrived in Pakistan, met with the Prime Minister, took pictures, appeared in newspapers, and returned to his country without consequences..

On February 16, 2022, the same State Department official, Aldana Rohr, signed a letter classified as “secret” informing Argentine Justice that on February 11 – about a month after Judge Capuchetti had notified the Department of State – the government submitted a “note verbale” to the Pakistani authorities To comply with a Wahidi arrest warrant in accordance with the INTERPOL Red Notice.

The Director of International Legal Aid reported that the next day they submitted to the Pakistani authorities a request for the arrest of Vahidi, which was signed by Judge Cappuchetti. But those efforts were not successful, because the official ended her role by saying that, according to the information in the possession of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she left Wahidi to return on February 14.

There was no protest, no other stronger expression, not the slightest reaction from Interpol of Pakistan to the official visit of the Iranian official.

Also, there is no knowledge that Iranian Air Force Intelligence carried out any prior or subsequent information about Iranian steps.

On other occasions, fugitives from the attack on AMIA left Iran and traveled around the world without arrest warrants being executed, possibly because they as guests travel on official passports. My satisfaction was in Singapore, Malaysia and possibly South Korea. Wahedi for his part was in Bolivia with Evo Morales in 2011.

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Sources from the Palace of Saint Martin pointed to “errors” in the narration of events based on judicial documentation. They noted that on February 10, UFI AMIA “unofficially” informed them of a possible exodus of Wahidi and asked them to confirm the information. They added that on the same day they were consulted about the existing treaties with Pakistan and the local Interpol office was notified.

On February 11, according to the sources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Argentine Embassy in Pakistan submitted a note verbale to the Pakistani authorities in which it reported the February 14 visit and recalled the Interpol Red Alert on Waheedi, pending cooperation with the authorities, which did not arrive..

On February 14, Judge Capuchetti issued a preventive arrest order, which reaches the State Department and is sent “immediately” to Pakistan. “But due to the time difference, they were able to present it to the Pakistani Foreign Ministry on February 15,” the sources added.

Finally, they pointed out that although Vahidi was only in Pakistan on the 14th of the month, the Foreign Office warning to the Pakistani authorities about the visit and the current red warning was prior, even to the order of the Capuchiti court.

The sources did not elaborate on the details of Capuchity’s notice on January 14, a month before Vahidi’s arrival in Pakistan.

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