At the request of the lawyer who seized Fragata Libertad, Argentina lost a case against a debt investment fund in New York

Judge Loretta Prisca

Argentina has filed an appeal after losing a primary case in New York For bad debts due to a claim by the investment fund Attor Capital, of British origin but based in the Cayman Islands.

In a letter issued by a debt expert Sebastian Marie The Appellate Act of Study was passed representing the government, Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen and Hamilton.

“Notice is hereby given that the Argentine Republic, respondent in the above case, hereby appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on all aspects of the judgment rendered in this proceeding on August 22, 2022, together with all relevant prior orders and judgments in District Court”. The lawyer said Carmen Bocuse Cleary.

Mariel said Judge Loretta Prisca’s ruling is confidential Infobae. This is the first time that I have seen Judge Prisca publish a confidential ruling relating to multiple cases against the country she presides. We know that in November 2021 one of these funds, the Attestor Master Value Fund, asked the US Department of Justice for permission to seize assets Argentina owned or held at the Federal Reserve in New York. Marill noted that the remaining five funds benefiting from this ruling have a final ruling on distressed bonds.”

Appeal memorandum filed by Argentina in New York
Appeal memorandum filed by Argentina in New York

It is worth noting that the Attestor Master Value Fund, based in the Cayman Islands, has been litigating with Argentina since 2014 to collect Argentine debts that it acquired after its founding in 2012. The ban request was filed by the controversial lawyer Denis Hranitsky, who was already involved in another lawsuit against the Argentine state, when he represented the NML-Elliott Capital Management fund and acquired the Frigate Libertad in Ghana in 2012. Eight years ago, Attestor demanded more than $19 million in bonds issued by Argentina with interest ranging between 8 and 15.5 percent, which Argentina did not accept.

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Hranitsky, is the one who personally boarded the frigate in Ghana to implement the ban on the frigate in 2012 and in 2020 he formed a group of bondholders with Argentine debt that took part in difficult negotiations with the government that culminated in the successful August exchange of that year. He was the legal representative of the NML Eagle Fund at that time Paul Singer I managed to keep the Argentine ship for more than two months in that African port.

Attorney Dennis Hranitsky
Attorney Dennis Hranitsky

Atestor is a company that invests in the financial services and production sectors, according to its website. Its CEO is Xavier DanoxGraduated from the CFA Institute of the Catholic University of Louvain with a major in Applied Mathematics.

Marill explained that “the famous trials with the naysayers that did not enter into the barter in 2005 and 2010, ended in agreement in 2016 after the judge’s ruling. Thomas Grisa and access to power Mauricio Macriwhich reached an agreement in the first quarter of that year with most of the money either in court or directly with a ruling in its favour due to Argentina’s decision to shut down these two sovereign restructurings.

Argentina defaulted in 2001 and only exited in 2016, although some claims remain outstanding; Among them is a fund requesting the seizure of a state building in Washington, DC.

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