At the Costa Ciencia Museum they offer a course for teachers

The Costa Ciencia Museum is a place in the heart of the waterfront that promises an approach to science, physics and technology to visit for the whole family. The site suggests: “No touch is forbidden,” so that learning is not limited to one, and that one learns not only through observation, but with all the senses.

Historians EL SOL-Tele5 newspaper They spoke with Michaela Garcia and Diego Aranda, who highlighted the activities currently being carried out.

“We are currently running the Costa Sciences guide course. It is a course for teachers and fortunately, despite today (yesterday), the boys in the course came to carry out their last activity because it is already the end of their entire journey,” Diego.

“We go through different units that are in the museum and then we move on to designing an activity to be carried out here in this place where we teach the course with other students and we also attach it to the classroom, i.e., in the school,” he outlined the activities.

“We are open on weekends”

Michaela stressed that the idea is to provide training in the museum to spread culture and science, and more than anything else “to provide tools so that the general public and all those interested in teaching can apply and pass them on to your students.”

As for the museum, he pointed out that “we only open our doors on weekends as we alternate one week on Saturday and the other week on Sunday because we are on vacation.”

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He explained, “When we return from vacation, we will return on the weekdays we work on Thursday and Friday,” noting that it opens its doors “Thursday morning and Friday afternoon” so that everyone can participate.

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