At T-MEC, Mexico is not in violation of the Trade Facilitation Commitment: SE

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After 19 private sector organizations from United State Accused that the Mexican government violated the T-MEC in at least 12 chapters, such as Trade Facilitation, Ministry of Economy (SE) He stressed that this issue, given its importance, is the focus of the talks between the two countries.

In video, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy for Foreign Trade, Luz Maria de la Mora, Until Chapter 7, Facilitation Trade is new within the T-MEC, plus there are many obligations and binding cooperation between countries.

“ Mexico, along with the various authorities in the United States and Canada, is a central issue, and yes, trade facilitation issues are closely related to the three and form part of the agenda, not only for T-MEC, but also part of the agenda that we are working on in The World Trade Organization, because they are undoubtedly factors to increase the region’s competitiveness.

He explained that the three countries seek to achieve emotional, effective and competitive integrationIn this sense, he indicated that the first committee last year The T-MEC was exactly the trade facilitation meeting.

He commented, “When the Ministry of Economy and the Department of Tax Administration participate, and an objective work agenda has been set in which we will advance various issues, there are some periods of implementation within the treaty.”

On March 24, the US private sector sent a letter to Al Jadid United States Trade RepresentativeCatherine Tye, as they accused that President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s government had violated the T-MEC in at least 12 chapters of the agreement.

“The Mexican government has not fully adhered to the letter or spirit of its T-MEC customs obligations and is instead moving to erect new tariff barriers that harm small US companies’ ability to benefit from the agreement,” the message highlighted.

They expressed concern about Mexico increasing 19 percent of its global rate – a combined tax – as well as imposing duties on all shipments entering under simplified dispatch methods (minimum and informal entry), Even on shipments from the US and Canada.

“Taxes and duties are applied to shipments below the minimum thresholds, set in T-MEC at $ 117 for customs duties, and $ 50 for taxes. Given that the global rate includes a tariff component, it appears that the new duties on imports that range from Its value between $ 50 and $ 117 violates the agreement.

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