At least six dead after nitrogen leakage in an American chicken handler.

January 28, 2021 4:47 PM

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Six people have at least dead And many of them are in Critical condition After a spill Liquid nitrogen In a processing plant Foods In town Gainesville, In Northeast Georgia (USA), local authorities reported on Thursday, January 28, 2021.

Gainesville Police said dozens of people had been taken there Hospitals, Including several FirefighterAfter the accident that occurred Thursday morning in the company Prime Pack Foods, Chicken processing plant.

The Hole County Department of Emergency Management indicated this would be a Leak From liquid nitrogen.

The the authorities He indicated at a press conference that more than a hundred Workers From the factory to prof a church Close to be evaluated and treated.

I agree with you Reports Five people They died At the factory and another died in hospital.

Gainesville is known as the “Chicken Capital” due to many Farmer And plants Treatments That work in this field and who work mostly Latino workers.

Police said they cordoned off the area near the factory Lyman Hall Elementary High SchoolStudents and teachers were directed to stay inside Facilities As a measure of caution.

I took this step as a precaution Escaped this is It includes The Hole School System said in a Facebook post that it is not on air.


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