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In the Astronomical calendar for March 9th These are prominent events that took place on this day in Argentina and around the world.

1941. Antonio Gasala was born. He studied dramatic art and attracted attention through café performances and 1970s concerts with Ida Diaz and Carlos Persiaval. Hop into a popular consideration with Mama Cora from Waiting for the cart. Heading drawing programs with characters like Soledad or the Public Servant. It was also a theatrical record with the play Get more respect from your mom.

1944. Pedro Pablo Ramirez, the de facto president of the dictatorship that arose in 1943, has resigned. His internal disagreements with the Arab Unity Government’s army hastened the downfall. The assembly was dissolved to force him to resign. When Ramirez ruled on behalf of the Arab Unity government, he decided to dissolve it that there was no support for it. In his place, Edelmero Farrell took charge.

1974. One of the most famous Spanish singers and songwriters of the past decades was born in Madrid: Ismail Serrano. Caught in blue This was his first album in 1997. Since then he has released more than ten albums. He usually comes to Argentina and writes three books: Now that lifeAnd the Conversations s The wind takes me. He supported issues such as those of Zapatismo in Mexico and the Cuban Revolution.

1994. Charles Bukowski Death of 73. The American writer had come to the United States with his family from Germany in 1923. The slogan of Dirty Realism, he was the author of novels such as PostmanAnd the FactAnd the a woman s Loser WayAnd the As well as books of stories, poetry and articles.

1995. Paco Gamandriou passed away at the age of 75. It was fashion designer Eva Peron And one of the most famous designers of his time. He collaborated in the costumes for several films. In 1975 he published his memoirs, Head on the floor, A blatant description of what it means to be a homosexual in a macho society. Also posted Avoid outside the balcony, About his relationship with Juan Perón’s wife.

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