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In the March 16th anniversary These are prominent events that took place on this day in Argentina and around the world.

1892. The person born is for many the greatest poet in the Spanish language of the twentieth century: Cesar Vallejo. Came to the world in Santiago de Choco, Peru. He shocked the messages of his time with his first two books: Black omens s Trailsy. Then he publishes his first prose book: Scales And logs Russia 1931. He died in Paris in 1938. He appeared after his death Spain, take this cup away from me s Human poems.

1926. Jerry Lewis was born in Newark, New Jersey. One of the most popular movie comedians, he paired himself with Dean Martin in the 1950s. After the duo split up, he made history with movies like Buttons s Professor Josie. It was seen later in The king of comicsWritten by Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro. For decades, he ran a charity marathon on TV to raise money to fight muscular dystrophy. He won an Academy Award for his philanthropy in 2009 and He passed away in 2017.

1938. Carlos Bilardo was born. DT World Champion in 1986 was a player for San Lorenzo and Deportivo Español before arriving at Estudiantes de La Plata, where he won everything. After retirement, he headed to Colombia and became a champion with the Estudiantes, which opened the door to the national team. The national team won the World Cup in Mexico and He was the runner-up in 1990. In the middle, his voice sounded Controversy with Cesar Louis Menotti. He later drove out Seville, Boca and Estudiantes.

2003. American activist Rachel Corrie, 23, was run over by an Israeli army bulldozer in the city of Rafah in the Gaza Strip. The young lady dies instantly. Eyewitnesses claimed that she was deliberately assaulted. He traveled to support the Palestinian cause. This led to his personal diary in which he spoke about his experiences The play My name is Rachel Corrie.

2013. Jose Alfredo Martinez de Hues dies at age 87. He was the economy minister in the dictatorship between 1976 and 1981, while the country was governed by Jorge Rafael Videla. His administration in the midst of state terror, Reshape Argentina: The economy has been rebuilt and a very robust process of de-industrialization has been demonstrated. Financial speculation replaced production and external debt grew from $ 6 billion to $ 45 billion. Carlos Menem pardoned him In his later years, he faced his responsibility in the Gotheim case, described against humanity.

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