Astronomical Calendar Today: What happened on April 11 | facts…

In the Anniversary April 11th These are prominent events that took place on this day in Argentina and around the world.

1944. Alberto Demidi was born, the greatest rower in Argentine history. He won the bronze medal at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico and won the silver medal four years later in Munich with one oar. Twelve times in a row he was champion of Argentina and four times he won the South American title. He won the world title in 1970 in Canada. He also won gold medals at the Pan American Games in Winnipeg 67 and Cali 71, as well as the Olympia de Oro in 1969 and 1971. He passed away in 2000. The day of his birth in Argentina is remembered as the day of the rower.

1983. Spanish movie start again, Directed by Jose Luis Garce (Director Hanging thread s Alone early in the morning), Makes history by being the first Spanish-language film to win an Oscar. The film, starring Antonio Ferandis and Encarna Basso, focuses on a writer who returns in old age to Gijón.

2001. In a World Cup qualifying match between Japan and Korea 2002, Australia defeated American Samoa at home 31-0, the biggest win ever recorded among teams. The first half ended 16-0, and Archie Thompson scored 13 goals. The difference is so great that the stadium poster scored 32 goals in the end and there were journalists who lost count and attributed another goal to Thompson.

2002. Venezuela coup against Hugo Chávez. An opposition march leads to clashes with groups of government supporters, killing 18 people. Military leaders are taking advantage of and taking up arms. They arrested Chavez and announced his resignation. Pedro Carmona, head of the country’s main business group, takes over as the de facto boss. Popular mobilization and non-international recognition of the new government and loyal army They managed to restore Chávez to power after three days.

2007. Morning Kurt Vonnegut At 84 years old. One of the authors who mixed satire and science fiction in their work published titles such as Sirens of Titan s Galapagos. He is also an author Slaughterhouse Five, Which focuses on his traumatic experience in the Dresden bombing, and Breakfast of champions.

2009. Two weeks before her 82nd birthday, Spanish writer Maria del Socorro Tilado Lopez, better known as Corinne Tilado. She has authored about 5,000 novels and stories since 1946, in the romantic literature genre. They translated her into 27 languages ​​and it is estimated that she has sold 400 million copies of her series, making her the best-selling writer in the language. Part of his work has reached film and television.

2014. The death of Alfredo AlconIt is a glory for the picturesque arts of Argentina. He starred in theater and cinema as well as in television sessions. On the tables seen in Shakespeare’s plays, in Long flight at night De O’Neill W. Bear Gent Ibsen and Federico tracks, With the texts of García Lorca. In the cinema he was a fetish actor for Leopoldo Torre Nilsson in films such as A handsome man from 900And the Martin FierroAnd the Sword SaintAnd the The mafia s Painted mouths. He also worked in Nazarino Cruz and the Wolf By Leonardo Favio and he was voted Cortazar Recorded by Tristan Bauer.

It is also World Parkinson’s Day.

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