Aston Martin, the 2021 covered car and a potentially big competitor to Mercedes?

Even if James Bond himself It sends you a message the day you introduce your car that something good, something very good, is expected of you. This can be said By Aston Martin The “ novice ” in the Formula 1 season who came to stay and who sees what is seen and analyzes everything surrounding the team, could be the cover of the F1 World Championship 2021.

Because the car is green It has everything to make for a great year. Behind him a wonderful name, Like Aston Martin. You have the support you need to accomplish something important. And of course she has a Mercedes inside.

Let’s not forget, despite the German bodywork, if something has made the star powerful since 2014 it is its exceptional F1 engine. Engine, power unit, they’ll hold it (logically), Williams, McLaren And the Aston Martin car named Racing Point F1 in 2020, They became the second best team on the network in many races.

And they already got a victory thanks to prof Sergio Perez who now works for Red Bull. At Aston Martin, not much has gone into place. Nothing more and nothing less than Sebastian Vettel, Four times world champion It seeks to clear itself.

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Who seeks to leave behind A terrible year for a Ferrari He was neither comfortable inside the car nor comfortable outside. Environment that one time He has a sign “subtly”, Seems not was the best and Aston Martin is confident in the German language.

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Competitors have already warned. They already have it Make that much of an eye with Seb And with a much expected car and that More and more it ceases to be a mystery. Colors are unveiled, and now it remains to be seen How to behave on the right track.

One puts many in the team, which He’s been out of F1 for 60 years, In the central region, but looking at last season with the so-called “Pink Mercedes” and what it has and what it can own, it may be closer to Mercedes than we think.

With Ferrari at low hours and looking to find the way, with The influence of the Alps and Fernando Alonso As a claim by the French and by McLaren, beware, The Mercedes engine will also be loaded, Aston Martin is perhaps the most frequently instilled battleground of the Germans Red Bull which looks flawless in everything the UK does.

The car that could be One of the most beautiful grills In addition to being one of the more elegant ones, it takes the AMR21 name and takes the odd thing from the RP20 past from Racing Point. Among them, the ailerons, the nose and the head, with minor variants that are almost negligible in the revision scheme.

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The fins of the previous Racing Point car have disappeared, Adjustment of the “chimney plate” and the five-pointed grille cart which is connected to the side reflector. It’s shorter at the top, and it’s the first of 2020.

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Its hood is very similar to the one Mercedes used in 2020, Following the evolution of Racing Point 2020. Also the kind of bump seen on Mercedes, although it differs due to where the aura starts from.

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Thus, from Aston Martin they introduce a car May be able to win races Scoring points from the two biggest … with the clear goal is to be on the podium in the World Builders Cup.

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