As the intern ramps up, the Todos Front prepares to select nominations for the PASO

Column from La Campora, looking towards Plaza de Mayo (Photo by Nicholas Stolberg)

With thousands of protesters in a long procession from the former ESMA to the Plaza de Mayo, Campora Today met with political catharsis that he had been preparing for months, with the dual aim of militarizing Christina Kirchner’s candidacy and standing up, once again, in the inner party against Alberto Fernandez. The president, as he warned, was absent not only from the demonstration but from the country. This morning he flew to the Dominican Republic, in advance of his other international tours, to take part in the Ibero-American Summit of heads of state. Today’s intense and heavy political day has crystallized, in all its splendor, the division of the Todos front, and with the cards cast, the next example will be the identification of candidates within each space.

Kirchnerism began its slow march in the middle of the morning, from Av. del Libertador to Núñez Peak. The format was very similar to the one they adopted for memory day since last year. Main Characters La Campora – National Deputy Maximo Kirchner Interior Minister Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, Buenos Aires Minister of Community Development, Andrés “Cuervo” La Roque, Mayor Mayra Mendoza, The organization’s new general secretary, Lucia Campora – walked surrounded by armed men, protected by their guards. The followers, who were bussed in, marched under the flags of each department: Quilmes, Escobar, Ensenada, etc. Everyone has sought to show consistency after last year’s crisis.

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An hour after the campers had begun to take their first steps from the northern edge of town toward the town centre, Alberto Fernandez got on board That would take the next seven hours up Santo Domingo Along with a committee of concerned officials: Secretary General of the Presidency. Julio Vitopello Minister of Foreign Affairs , Santiago Cavero spokeswoman, Gabriela Cerruti f the first lady, Fabiola Yanez. Before traveling, he made sure to prepare a series of official activities that did not require his physical presence on the coup commemoration day. The day before, he announced the construction of a space of memory in Campo de Mayo. And at night, he dined with the president of the Plaza de Mayo founding grandmothers, Estela de Carlotto. He arranged for that meeting to be broadcast on the 24th, and at about the same time, his liaison team released a video of his speech the previous day, in San Miguel, on standing up for human rights.

Maximo Kirchner during the Memorial Day rally (photo by Nicholas Stolberg)
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Alberto Fernandez made no mention of domestic politics. La Campora, on the other hand, focused the march mainly on fighting against the moderate wing. Maximo Kirchner took care of shooting the president’s re-election ambitions, in remarks to the gunmen who “interviewed him” at the top of the picturesque bus that accompanied the march from the epicenter, which was broadcast live via flow. He also disowned the recently deceased Maternal Head, Hebe de Bonafene, Historical ally of his power and Christina Kirchner and one of the main opponents of the head of state. And he fired again at the agreement with the International Monetary Fund. His letters did not differ much from those which he had raised two weeks earlier, at the last plenary session of his congregation, at Avellaneda. In the same vein, De Pedro and Larroque have expressed themselves, walking parallel paths and – slowly – facing each other, but today they have shown themselves together behind the group’s motto: CFK 2023.

President Alberto Fernandez and Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Martin Soria; President of the Association of Survivors and Relatives and Companions of Campo de Mayo, Iris Avellaneda; Head of the General Archive of Memory, Marcelo Castillo, and Undersecretary for Regional Planning and Coordination of Public Works, Cecilia Larivera.

La Cámpora arrived at the Plaza de Mayo by Diagonal Norte after 6:00 p.m., preceded by columns from the Patria Grande Front, the coalition of social movements led by its main ally in the field of “popular economy”, Juan Graboa (MTE), also a potential pre-elector candidate. , as De Pedro, and eventually – according to camporismo – Cristina Kirchner. By then, human rights organizations were shutting down the central work of remembering the disappeared and called for decentralization in peace. The campers paused for several minutes, between cheers and cheers in honor of Nestor and Christina Kirchner and allusions to the vice-presidential candidacy, but they avoided the intrusion completely. It was a sign of respect after the uproar caused by some human rights organizations who protested against the revival of the march with electoral slogans.

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Thus, Maximo’s group advanced slowly along the avenue Rivadavia, covered a block, and turned into the narrow avenue Reconquista, towards the Bartolomé Mitre, where three different black cars, with tinted windows, were waiting to grab the leaders of the crowd that had brought for the marathon, although it was By that point he was a little weak. At about 7:00 pm, K priests fanned out between vehicles among their guards who were struggling with some armed men who had pushed to take pictures or groped them. Vehicles started and quickly disappeared on the Corrientes Street horizon. The relieved security officers applauded each other. “Well, guys,” someone addressed.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez and his partner, Fabiola Yanez, arrive for the 28th Summit of Heads of State and Government of Ibero-Americans, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, March 24, 2023. Dominican Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Handout via Reuters This photo was provided by a third party. not solve. Do not archive

Aboard the cars, campers also felt like mission accomplished. a demonstration of strength in the FDT dispute and coherence among the Kirchnerists themselves; And a new joint message of support was sent to Christina Kirchner. The main political statements were PASO acceptance, an idea whose followers have already spread, but the former head of the FDT bloc ended up admitting today with the sentence: “If someone gets angry, we go to elections, and society decides.” Now they have to wait for Alberto Fernandez, Cristina Kirchner and Sergio Massa, who did not participate in any rally but tweeted and ordered fighters from the Renovador Front, to decide what they will do.

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At the time, presidential reporters broadcast images of Alberto Fernandez’s arrival in the Caribbean nation, where he will exchange shoulders with his regional peers in the coming days and finish reviewing the details of the message that will lead to his postponement. And the long-awaited meeting with the President of the United States, Joseph Biden. For this week at least, the head of state will focus on his international agenda. He is in no hurry to decide whether he will finally appear at the PASO, despite the increased pressure from his rivals from the ruling party.

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