As in Star Wars: This is how the first 3D “teleportation” was achieved

Researchers from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, were able to complete this month The first international holographic teleportation From history novel combination of hologram And deliberately teleportation in the name of holoportation.

This new technology that we have seen in many films, such as star Wars Or in the legendary series Star Trekallow Transfer immediately And in real time, hologram image From a person or thing to a distant place.

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proces holoportation It consists in creating a three-dimensional image through a special camera. This hologram of a subject is sent to another user, located in another location, and via hololens or hololens He can see the first subject in his environment as a three-dimensional image. The best thing about this is that if both people use these devices, they can interact with each other as if they were in the same place.

Adam Siric, a professor at Western Space, one of the companies that participated in the experiment, explained that it was a success.”Hulu Teleport“One person from Alabama to the city of London, Ontario, Canada, and then every student on the project was able to teleport in 3D to Huntsville, Alabama.

Although this is the first holoportation that cross international borders, a few months ago, in April 2022, NASA managed Holoport A doctor on the International Space Station (ISS), becoming the first “holonut“.

This powerful technology can help Transfer pictures and soundsBut for now, this is where your chances end. So The next step is to integrate touch technologywhich allows information to be transmitted and understood through touch.

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Just like in Star Wars: They conducted the first

Microsoft, through HoloLens, Aexa Aerospace, NASA, the University of Western Ontario, and the Western Space Exploration Institute, were the companies and organizations that participated in the research and development of the project.

What can be used holoportation

Following the success of the experiment, Western researchers, in collaboration with a Canadian company, Leap Biosystems, are working with Aexa to find out Medical applications of this technology. It can be one of its main uses Facilitate medical examinations in remote areas. This may mean a change in rural health care and improved health controls for segments of the population far from urban centres.

In addition to medical care, technology too can help improve virtual meetings, Where 3D presence could become the norm one day. Even informally, the Helloinstant transfer It can bring together families and friends who have been separated due to various issues, such as business trips, jobs or even border disputes.

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