As in “Kingdom”: An Evangelist Pastor Asks His Followers for More Donations to “Speed ​​up” Christ’s Coming | Chronicle

An evangelical priest from Louisiana, USA, He sparked thousands of criticism after asking his followers to donate more money to “Faster” Christ’s arrival. The pastor’s remarks came in the context of a live television event.

“I sincerely believe this: the reason Jesus did not come is because people do not give the way God commanded them.”He said in a video clip called Pastor Jesse Duplantis, while presenting a televised evangelical event, went viral on social media.

The main focus of the Christian Evangelical Congregation was DrRaise money to build new TV studios in “The Last Generation”, to express better “Word” Allah. However, the way in which the pastor expressed himself has generated intense criticism in the evangelical community and in people who do not belong to this religion.

Reverend Jesse Duplantis has a net worth of $300 million.

On social media, some netizens rated the preacher as “false prophet”, while other users told him he knows it “Jesus will not return”But what did you know How do you take advantage of people’s despair?One Twitter user commented. Jesus does not care about money […] Beware of this false belief. From the pastor, another user on the networks alerted.

Despite the fact that Duplantis is the richest priest in the world, with a net worth of $300 millionAccording to the International Business Times, the pastor was also criticized in early September due to “not doing enough” To help communities affected by Hurricane Ida.

as NBC NewsCharles Parish, where Duplants Covenant Church is located, was one of the areas hardest hit by the storm. In a video posted to Facebook by the same evangelical ministry, Duplantis and his wife said they had given $100,000 worth of generators.

in 2018, Christian Post reported that Duplantis received heavy criticism, But this time to ask for donations to buy a private plane for a churchworth $54 million. At the time, Duplantis justified the donation drive, stating that God had told him he should have a new plane, but not pay for it.

In the face of criticism, the priest made it clear that he is not asking for financial donations, but rather asking people to join him. In this way, God provides him with a plane. At the time, Money Media reported that he had assets of 50 million and that he already had three aircraft for personal use.

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