Arroyito’s most tense moment

The nurse, who was inside an emergency unit, first recognized a tourist who was asked to “please” to let him pass. “We are doing a study for today, you need it,” the health worker said, and we had no positive response.

Minutes later, unable to move forward, one of the national gendarmes came across: “I’ve been smashing my ass for the sick for a year, damned mother. He broke my testicle! I haven’t seen myself for a year. Son for all this. The patients “.

Anger Doctor. mp4

At the end of this conversation, the security forces tried to evacuate the edge of the unit in order to continue, but a group of angry tourists continued to scream and block the road.

Cameras LMNeuquén They captured the moment when the conflicts raged between the gendarmes and travelers.

Cut in ambulance ARROYITO

The images generate anger and rejection, and express one of the most tense moments of the day for which there is no solution, but Route 22 has been cleared.

Is that the congregation of health workers who held themselves decided to lift the sit-in in Arroyito after 13 hours of complaining. As expected on Monday, there will be gatherings in all hospitals to determine how the fighting plan will continue.

In Aruito, a line of vehicles several kilometers long formed, and a gendarmerie checkpoint near the service station was added, creating another line of about 2 km long. They were mostly travelers they wanted to get to Tourist destinations in the mountain range for a long Easter weekend.

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