Argentine boxers based in the United States: from creating a limousine agency to working on the movie Rocky

From the great battle of Louis Angel Firpo in 1923 onwards Boxing legalization in Argentina They were so much Argentine boxers who settled in the United States. El Toro de Las Pampas was a great communicator to hasten the decision of many boxers at the time.

In the late fifties, Antonio Marcela He was a great boxing fan in Chicago (Illinois). Tucuman had 17 consecutive U.S. games. In one of his important duels, Tony lost to Ralph Dupas, who became the Juniors middleweight world champion.

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Antonio Marcella was very important to Oscar Bonavina’s arrival in the United States. Their relationships allowed Ringo to quickly settle in. Tocumano wanted to give himself the joy of fighting back in Argentina. In 1962 he tied with Panamanian Luis Federico Thompson after 10 rounds.

Pablo Alexis Mitev It was an outstanding heavyweight. He was born in Maria Juana, Santa Fe County, and whatever rival Jose Giorgetti was in Luna Park, in a duel long overdue at the time, ended up settling in New York.

After Metiv retired from boxing, he created the agency Limousines and Remixes. He ended up being a consultant for Argentine tourists who came to the Big Apple.

He had the luxury of fighting at Madison Square Garden and lost TKO to Muhammad Ali at Freedom Hall in Louisville where the legend fought his ninth fight as a professional.

Pedro Alberto Lovell in the movie Rocky

Pedro Lovell He was part of a family of boxers. His father Alberto won the gold medal at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932. In addition, his younger brothers Guillermo and Alberto wore gloves.

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Sociologist Luciano Jornet says in his book “The Heavy Inheritance” that Quelmino was The great protagonist from the Olympic Hall. In Los Angeles he was setting up his international campaign.

The harvest of his victories allowed him to be called to face the fearsome Ken Norton, the same person who broke Muhammad Ali’s jaw. On January 10, 1976, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Pedro Lovell lost by TKO in the fifth round.

But QuilmeƱo’s heavy life didn’t end over an episode. But while boxing for a living, His number would have exceeded in the cinema.

That was when he was a stranger Sylvester Stallone He summoned him to do the first scene for this project called Rocky. You can see Pedro Lovell under the name Rico the spider First boxing match against Balboa at Resurrection Hall in Los Angeles. What he never imagined was that later this movie would be marked with an Academy Award in 1977.

He retired from boxing at the age of 32 and was again seen acting alongside Stallone in “Rocky Balboa”, the sixth film in the series.

Argentine boxing in the United States

Mendocino Jorge Ahumada He knew how to settle in New York. He left Argentina win-lose with Victor Emilio Galendez and reached the Big Apple making base with good performances at the Felt Forum and at Madison Square Garden.

1974 Aconcagua had his first World Cup chance, but in Albuquerque (New Mexico) he couldn’t take on Texan Bob Foster.

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The following year, Mendoza received an invitation to face Victor Galendez again. And in Madison he ended up screaming the victory that unfortunately lost his life in the TC race on May 25th.

When he walked away from boxing, Ahumada devoted himself to putting on jewelry and setting up a moving company.

Jose “Cocosa” Bruno He was a scary boxer. On November 14, 1953 the Argentine champion became Pluma by defeating Mario Lopiano (Idol of Fernando Nembero) at Luna Park.

He let fans want to see him fight with Ricardo Gonzalez. Over time, journalist Ernesto Mizrahi invited Kokosa Bruno and Ricardo Gonzalez to take the desired photo in the newspaper’s editorial office. Argentine time. He ended up living in Chicago (Illinois) where he spent most of his life.

Enrique Gana He was the first boxer Santos Zacharias trained to fight for a world title.

Despite losing the welterweight title opportunity to Italian Bruno Arcari, Enrique Gana is listed as a prominent boxer who performed at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento. With Jana fighting in the World Cup, Zakaria (a great watcher) realized that in order to fight for the title, his boxers had to be fiercer. That is why Sergio Palma’s style was fundamentally changing.

Gana’s relationship with her coach was so good that Santos Zacharias invited him to his former partner to be the Argentine flag bearer in the fight as Sergio Victor Palma retained his title against Panamanian Jorge Logan at Chateau Carreras de Cordoba.

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