Argentina’s problems on the IMF board: They can suspend Russia’s membership

The United States and European Union member states as well as Japan want to take strong action in the coming days: Post comment Russia in all global financial organizations. This includes International Monetary Fund (International Monetary Fund), where the invading country of Ukraine is a full member with 2.7% of the vote, but with significant oral participation every time agreements with developing countries are discussed within the organization. Vladimir Putin’s advance on the neighboring country put the leadership of Kristalina Georgieva on alert, to which it was already announced that in a few days the suspension of Russia and the next expulsion of the Governing Council would come, at least as long as the conflict continued. . This decision also includes the World Bank, it will already be taken and will be completed before the end of the month. And when this is done, Argentina You will lose more than just Russian votes. Representatives of this country had already agreed with local officials to defend the Argentine position at the time of the vote; Including heavy criticism of the handling of the 2018 Preparedness Plan. Suspending Russia will remove this defense that will remain in China’s hands alone; At least within the powerful forces. China owns 3.7%, and would like to increase its contribution to the IMF, and thus the participation rate in the guide. In the meantime, he has a sufficient level to demand the word, without changing the fate of the sounds.

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