Argentina’s All-American Champion will play the World Cup

Last Sunday afternoon, in the spring of Philadelphia, USA, the Argentine men’s track hockey team achieved something historic for the sport, because in the final Argentina defeated the local US team 4-2.

In this way, the national team obtained a ticket for the World Cup in Belgium, which will be played in February next year, because this year it was postponed due to the epidemic.

In the first quarter in the minute and the break, Argentina steals the ball in attack and makes the first short corner that she could not convert, in the average of this period, the Argentine has the ball but can not have the depth to open the scoring. At 6 minutes after a double wall, the ball hit the post and then Elisigye’s shot hits it over the crossbar. Next minute 2 A short corner kick for Argentina but the USA defends well Argentina presses all sectors of the field when the USA has the ball but I can’t open the scoring, the first quarter ends from zero to zero.

In the second half, everything remained the same at the beginning with Argentina regaining the ball by pressing in all sectors of the field, after 3 minutes Argentina lose, which is still more. In seven minutes, the United States reach the Argentine goal for the first time with a skewed shot and then a few seconds later the United States again, and now they lose with a shot that went over the post. In the 8th minute, Argentine player Agustín Ceballos was penalized, which he converted into a goal and made Argentina 1-0 to win with the slightest difference between the two halves.

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After the end of the first half at two minutes, the first short corner of the United States, who executed it very well and equalized one by one. At 5 minutes, Nihuen Ayala escapes from the succession from the right flank to the area causing a short corner kick that enables an American player to save his goal on the line. In the sixth again, Ayala scored a short corner kick and the North American player who missed for two minutes had less than a corner kick left. From the short corner, Argentina achieved 2-1 with another Ceballos goal to win the third quarter in this way.

Finally the last 10 minutes arrived, in the fourth and Argentina came out with everything within 10 seconds and after a very good collective movement the USA goalkeeper saved what was the third with his leg. The United States start pressing all over the field and need to equalize the match, but in the 2-30th minute, Schalte Freddy Sosa steals the ball and is once again saved by the North American goalkeeper. A minute later, the Argentine goalkeeper managed to save his goal twice, they are back and forth and the final. In 8 minutes a great singles game play by Ceballos enters from the left and from a very closed corner puts 3-1, in the same play Eleicegui shows a card and stays with 1 minute, Argentina with 1 player less. With one minute left and part of a short corner kick, the United States achieves 3-2 and with 46 seconds remaining, it is Joaquin Gonzalez who achieves 4-2. At the end with 4secs left on a short corner kick for the USA to get rid of and Argentina shout DALE CHAMPION or give him the champ or we’re going to the World Cup, we’re going to the World Cup.

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We remember that in the men’s team we have four players from Santa Cruz, Nihuen Ayala from El Calafate, Freddy Sosa from El Chalten, Maximiliano Valdez and Alain Frias from Pico Troncado. Also on the coaching staff is Sergio Saade from El Chalten.

The full CHAMPION team consists of Maximiliano Valdes (Santa Cruz Norte), Agustin Ceballos (San Juan), Nhuyen Ayala (Santa Cruz), Franco Ferrante (Bariloche), Bruno Mayo (Bariloche), Joaquin Gonzalez (Buenos Aires), and Leandro. Liotta (Mendoza), Juan Ignacio Elisegui (Tierra del Fuego), Alfredo Sosa (Santa Cruz Norte), Alan Frias (Santa Cruz Norte), Facundo Navarro (Bariloche) and Gaston Rodriguez (Tierra del Fuego). DT: Fernando Ferrara.

In this way, the men will play for the first time in the World Cup where there are 12 teams in each branch and where Austria is the last men’s champion and Germany among the women.

On the girls’ side, the women’s team finished third as on Saturday they tied 3-3 with the United States and lost 2-1 with Canada.

So this Sunday they played for third place with Uruguay finishing fourth and the Argentinian girls winning 5 to 4 leaving third place.

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