Argentina is in the top five among Latin American countries with the largest number of infidels | How many confessed to committing infidelity?

Argentina is the fourth country with the most infidels in Latin America, behind Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, according to a survey by one of the leading apps for extramarital encounters. according to Report developed by DIVE Marketing for Gleedenthe above-mentioned application, 67% of those surveyed admit that they have committed blasphemywhile 59% regret doing so.

From then on, a wide debate opens, based exclusively on the sexual emotional contract: What is described as infidelity and what is not appropriate?.

Many believe it merely means a sexual encounter, while many others extend this definition, including in the same category sexting, which interacts with other people’s posts or even consumes pornography.

In this sense, from Gleeden, a ranking of the most loyal countries was built, based on the concentration of registered users in each geographic location, and based on this data, it was possible to determine that Argentina is the fourth “most betrayed country” in Latin America, after Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, while Chile is in fifth place..

How are the infidels arranged in the Argentine provinces

In the same way, the five provinces of Argentina with the largest number of infidels and In this list, the country that tops the list is the province of Buenos Aires, with Córdoba in second place, the city of Buenos Aires third, Salta fourth, and Misiones fifth..

From June 2020 to date, Gleeden has added more than 4 million new users, bringing the total number of subscribers worldwide to 9.5 million, and in that time period, more than 1.5 million users have been integrated in Latin America.

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Created in France in 2009, the app currently has representation in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Peru.

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