Argentina in 2021: The year of faith again and the illusion of Qatar

It was one of the strongest images of the year in Argentine sport in a “hostile” area. in the Maracana. In the center of Rio de Janeiro and before Brazil. Esteban Ostogic, Uruguayan referee, raised his hand, signaling the end of the match. The players whistle Argentina’s choice They ran to hug Lionel Messi. From Rodrigo de Paul to Leandro Paredes. A mountain of american heroes on idol with a cute smile.

The victory over Brazil in the Copa America final also left another match. Always the goal of slander Angel Di Maria It was the cry of a country searching for happiness that found joy in victory amid so much pain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From afar, the prospect of not holding the tournament due to the pandemic gave it an unusual Fate, often elusive, caused the tournament to take place in Brazil.

The Tour of the Year shows that due to COVID-19 and the social crisis in Colombia, this country was the first place to take off. In principle, the possibility of fully playing in Argentina was also present, but the coronavirus eventually led to Argentina leaving the organization. This is where Brazil came in. In less than ten days of preparation and with many problems, the “Los Lioneles” team showed what they had. The national team “epic” has re-emerged with a formula that seems to have already been recorded in recent good performances on a historical level: a very strong ensemble added to the full credit.

Argentine coach Lionel Scaloni was targeted everywhere. The phrase was, perhaps more than once, “we’re wasting time” thinking about the Qatar World Cup. However, with their weapons, the transition appeared at a very difficult time. Drawing Martinez became the master and master of the arc. Cutie Romero and her rejuvenation Nicholas Otamendi became a spare wall. Rodrigo de Paul, perhaps the most important discovery of Scaloni, has become Lionel Messi’s best friend. Go ahead, Lautaro Martinez who showed his nose. Base of players in key positions that join Messi.

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The phrase is extrapolated from the present, but it refers to the real situation of the Argentine national team. With Messi it is not enough, but without Messi it is not possible. The player base has strengthened the crack who became the player with the most goals with Celeste and Blanca, the player with the most matches, the best player of the tournament and also the champion. Moreover, La Pulga again made headlines around the world with another bombshell. After a happy holiday – the best of his life according to him – he arrived in Barcelona, ​​was unable to sign and ended up at Paris Saint-Germain, the richest club in the world.

The bad news is undoubtedly Sergio Aguero’s retirement due to a heart problem. The universe chose the most logical reason: its health. Farewell to the second best Argentine player of the twenty-first century and the best Argentine footballer in the English Premier League. Playing blue and white, he played 101 matches and scored 42 goals. He won the U-20 World Cup in Canada in 2007 and the 2005 World Cup in the Netherlands. As well as the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. He was among the team that was the Copa America champion in Brazil, and in addition to this, the 2015 and 2016 Copa America finals were added, hairy, she fled to Germany.

With this panorama, now, Argentina have a long way to go to imagine what could happen at the World Cup in Qatar. The tournament is in December only. Things can happen in between. The important thing for this team is to find consistency, stand up and be competitive. Once settled, with the repeated formula of the hard base accompanying the gem, in a cycle lasting less than a month, Anything can happen. delusion And the team, too.

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