Argentina has won many platinum awards from the public Watch the big concert

from Madrid

The “premiere” of the 2023 Platino Awards for Ibero-American Films and Series has left Assorted light blue and white celebrations: after show Medal of Honor Benicio Del Toro, The organization opened the envelopes decided by the general vote, and six major items in them Four categories correspond to Argentine production.

In one of them, of course, a feeling began among those who attended the great meeting in Madrid Song vow: Argentina, 1985 (first video) Won Platinum for Best Picture While Ricardo Darin, who shared a friendly chat with them William Francella In the first row of the room, he was distinguished for his leading role as Cesare Stracera.

Francella himself had to go on stage a few minutes later for his role in responsible person (star +), while Natalia Oreiro declared herself “proud of a role she didn’t know if she’d be able to perform.” like Eva Peron in Santa Evita Also from Star+. In unison, they all noted the special charm of having an award decided by the viewers, “the main recipients, those we think of when we do our work.”

The remaining elements manage to share direction with more Ibero-American air: Laya Costa She won the female translation in the Spanish cinema five little wolves, while colombian News of a kidnapping Based on a book Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Won the Audience Award for Best Miniseries.

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