Are you planning to go to work in Canada or the United States? Be careful, you may fall for a scam

Through calls or messages on mobile phones, form Fraud to steal personal data or solicit money from people in exchange for temporary or permanent job offers in the United States or Canada bloomer, Recently, in the meeting that leaders had to address USMCA issues, in labor matters, one of the concerns was an increase in fraud of this nature and it will be next week, on March 9th, that they will have a meeting in GuadalajaraAnd the authorities of the three countries in order to search for protocols to address this problem.

owner Department of Labor and Welfare of Jalisco (STPSJ), Marco Valerio Perez GolazHe said that it is important to denounce these messages, but attention must be paid mainly because there are programs in which temporary work visas are opened annually, but they are submitted through official channels and offices.

They recommend checking out the official sources. Photo: File

They recommend residents to approach embassies or consulates

Many fake companies that trick people into inviting them to work for them United State And Canada… they will be here and from here the protocols for the whole country will be derived, the authorities will come from the two embassies, we will determine the conditions that we have to do as a country to respect the many people who aspire to leave but in many cases are deceived or deceived or simply arrive, and settle In a temporary office, stealing their data, and in the best case, in others money, cheating.

To check whether job offers are official or valid, it is recommended for residents who are interested in a job in these or other countries, Approaching embassies or consulates In order to obtain greater certainty and avoid deception.

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