Architecture and design in a bachelor’s house in Canada

Located in an upscale waterfront neighborhood of Vancouver (in British Columbia), this contemporary Canadian home — built nearly 10 years ago — combines “art and design in a bold way,” according to Mitchell Friedland, founder of Mitchell Friedland Design who was responsible for the interior design of this house.

With architecture by Chris Dore and landscapes by Paul Sangha Creative, The project was able to reflect a coherent visual vocabulary. ‘Architectural forms are softened by furniture and detailing of finishes. In the same way, landscape design contributes to the exterior composition.’ Friedland commented on the coordinated efforts of these three disciplines revealed in this bold residence.

chair in the library hall The Ottoman Grand Repos of Vitra.Emma Peter

It extends over an area of ​​just over 622 square metres, The house has five levels and three bedrooms. more impressive, The house is made of limestone boxes that seem to float tangled with the water, while the black granite column serves as the central visual element. To achieve this result, a year was required.

“The house has very modern and dynamic aesthetics with a strong presence thanks to the use of geometry. The challenge was that it is indistinguishable where the architecture ends and the interior spaces begin‘,” Freedland highlighted.

The color palette contains a few touches of color that harmonize with travertine, granite and oak, allowing for Create continuity between the inside and the outside. Balance is achieved through shapes, materials and lighting.

“The challenge was in not being able to distinguish where architecture ends and interior spaces begin,” M. Freedland. Emma Peter

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