Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom tops the US box office

The DC and Warner Bros. film hit Starring Jason Momoa, it grossed $28.1 million in its first three days and opened in 3,706 theaters in North America, according to estimates released Sunday.

It is expected that by Monday it will have raised about $40 million domestically.

It was a relatively low-attendance weekend in cinemas, despite premieres of films such as Immigration, Anyone But You, Iron Claw And We are all strangers.

It's never good ticket office Christmas falls on a weekend, but the last time Christmas was on a Monday, in 2017, Star Wars: The Last Jedi It dominated a total of $71.5 million in its second weekend.

Box office releases

On Monday there will be other premieres, such as the new version of Purple, Ferrari And Boys in the boat. Everything is likely to be very big between Christmas and New Year's, a traditionally profitable time for movie theaters.

it is expected that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Its production cost was approximately $200 million, not including marketing and promotional costs. The first release debuted in 2018 to a total of 67.8 million and eventually received 1.2 billion worldwide.

The same studio, Warner Bros., has the second highest grossing film, Wonka And also Violet, at a time when theaters are thirsty due to the absence of new films from Walt Disney or Paramount. By Monday, Warner Bros. will likely have Three of the five highest-grossing films.

On his second weekend, Wonka It earned $17.7 million and is expected to take in $26.1 million on Monday, bringing its domestic total to $83.6 million.

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In third place was immigration, From Illumination and Universal, animated film starring Kumail Najiani, Elizabeth Banks, and Awkwafina. It grossed about $12.3 million in 3,761 theaters, and that will likely rise to $17.1 million by Monday afternoon. Its global total as of Sunday is estimated at $34.3 million, and could rise further as children take time off from school.

anyone but you, A romantic comedy with Glen Powell and Sidney Sweeney came in fourth place with $6.2 million in its first three days and about $9 million if Monday is included, according to forecasts.

Iron clawfrom A24, about wrestling and starring Zac Efron, premiered at 2774. It is expected to collect $5.1 million over three days, and will rise to $7.5 million when Monday is included.

The same studio contains six cinemas Area of ​​interestWritten by Jonathan Glazer which raised $89,931.

We are all strangersfrom Searchlight Pictures and starring Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal, opened in four theaters in New York and Los Angeles to a per-theater average of $33,034.

Black comedy poor things, By Yorgos Lanthimos, it expanded to 800 theaters and grossed $2.1 million.

The 10 highest-grossing films from Friday to Sunday in the United States and Canada, according to Comscore. The final numbers will be released on Monday.

1. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom – $28.1 million.

2. Wonka – $17.7 million.

3. Immigration – $12.3 million.

4. Anyone but you – $6.2 million.

5. Salar: Part One – Ceasefire – $5.5 million.

6. Iron claw – $5.1 million.

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7. The Hunger Games: A Dance of Songbirds and Snakes – $3.2 million

8. The boy and the heron – $3.2 million.

9. Godzilla minus one – $2.7 million.

10. donkey – $2.7 million.



fountain: AP

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